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Top NBA Teams: #10 Oklahoma City Thunder

The time has come! The #10 of FanWide’s very own Top Ten NBA Teams has been announced. Since its creation, FanWide has gathered data regarding fan clubs and fan engagement, which is used in ranking the Top Ten NBA Teams is unique to FanWide and has produced a ranking like no other. The metrics used to list the teams from first to last were based on both their on and off court success. This balance ultimately creates a broader and more balanced field to judge teams in the fairest way possible. Without further ado, coming at #10 on FanWide’s Top Ten NBA Teams is the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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Introducing the Top Ten NBA Teams

On an international stage, the United States of America dominates in basketball. With five gold, three silver, and four bronze medals, with a 123-27 overall record, it is without a doubt that the best players across the world rush to play in America. Almost every park, neighborhood, and school has a basketball court. It can be deemed as an essential piece to building a community. With the strong presence of basketball in the USA, it is no surprise that the NBA is one of the most competitive and watched sports leagues in the world. Although the current NBA was formed in 1976, with the merge of the ABA and NBA, fan support for the thirty teams does not lack in power.

FanWide’s rankings are not based solely on success on the court nor success off the court. Rather, the rankings consider both in order to get the most wholesome analysis of each team. This balance in the rankings creates a broader field of data that allows for a ranking that is original and meaningful as it also uses proprietary data from FanWide fan clubs which is not available elsewhere. Read below to see the factors that were used to rank NBA teams based on data that was not limited to on-court success.