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Top NBA Teams: #6 Boston Celtics

From the perspective of fans across all sports leagues, Boston is the common enemy. Not only does this opinion exist because of the constant success most of all the Boston teams have, but also because their fans are some of the most supportive and rowdy fans. In the NBA, the Boston Celtics have had extreme levels of success recently and historically. Legends such as Bill Russell, Larry Bird, Kevin McHale and many more have steeped  the Celtics with historical moments. Additionally, Boston has not only the oldest active NBA team, but also the oldest overall NBA franchise, along with the New York Knicks, founded in 1946. Currently, under the guidance of head coach Brad Stevens, stars such as Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward, Al Horford, and Jayson Tatum lead the team to success. Let’s look at how the Celtics placed 6th in FanWide’s Top Ten NBA Team Rankings.

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Here’s the list of teams which have been announced so far:

10) Oklahoma City Thunder

9) Toronto Raptors

8) Los Angeles Lakers

7) Miami Heat

6) Boston Celtics


The NBA is unique in many aspects of fan support. It is very difficult to rank a team based solely off of their on or off court success. Therefore, FanWide chose to use data from both categories to create a ranking that is one of a kind. All the metrics used in this ranking were weighted equally in order to ensure there was a balance between the different factors. Additionally, all of the metrics were applicable to all 30 of the NBA teams. As a result, our top ten ranking is the most balanced and unique ranking for NBA teams. More information about our methodology can be found here. FanWide will be releasing the top ten NBA fan clubs in the next few weeks.

Boston Celtics Rankings

Category Count NBA Rank
Fan Clubs on FanWide 11 11
NBA Championships since 1977 4 4
All-Stars(last 5 years) 5 7
National Games Televised Last Year (ABC, ESPN, TNT, NBA TV) 39 3
Wins (last 5 years) 221 13
Attendance (Average) 18,624 11
Value (in billions) 2.5 5
Total Followers (in millions) 15.56 7

Fan Clubs on FanWide: 11 (11th)

Boston fans are dedicated, passionate, and excitement when it comes to their sports teams. This is directly translated in the ranking of fan clubs on FanWide. What holds them back though, is the small size of Boston. The city is very populated, but their large population is very condensed within the small area that the city has. Nevertheless, they hold their ground against bigger cities across the league.

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