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Top Football Fan Clubs: Cincinnati Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals are an organization who seem to always be hanging around in January. Although the past three seasons for the Bengals have been a disappointment to many fans, people forget that the Cincinnati Bengals have been in the playoffs five out of the past eight seasons. The past couple seasons for the Bengals have embodied mediocrity, but this year that will change. The Bengals just relieved Marvin Lewis of his coaching duties.

Lewis was successful with the Bengals considering he led the team to seven playoff appearances, but he never was able to win a playoff game. Recently, the Bengals announced that offensive-guru Zac Taylor will be their next head coach. Zac Taylor, the former quarterback’s coach for the Los Angeles Rams, will come into Cincinnati with a big task at hand, but the right pieces around him. Taylor will work with a roster that has a lot of potential. This Bengals roster is not up to par with the average AFC team right now, but in a couple years the Bengals may be a powerhouse in the AFC.

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In the 2018-2019 season, the Bengals were the youngest team in the NFL with the average age of 25.2 years old. Although the quarterback-play for the Bengals has been satisfactory the past decade, Zac Taylor will transform the way quarterbacks are looked at in Cincinnati. Taylor will be able to draft a solid quarterback in this year’s draft (11th pick) or stick with Andy Dalton and make either quarterback great. Taylor is the main reason why Jared Goff led the Los Angeles Rams to the Super Bowl in the 2018 NFL season.

Another reason why many Bengals fans should be proud is because of their history. In 1962, Paul Brown had just been fired from the Cleveland Browns after his seventeen-year tenure in Cleveland. Brown’s love for football was so strong to an extent that he had the urge to create his own organization. Brown established the Cincinnati Bengals six years after his departure in Cleveland. Starting very early, the Cincinnati Bengals were thriving. The Bengals won the AFC Central division title and became the first expansion team to win a championship of any kind in the first three years of its existence. In addition to the division championship of 1970, the Bengals have won eight division championships and two conference championships.

Bengals fans are nothing less than die-hards and the Bengals are very talented in connecting with their fans. Bengals fans come from all over. The dominance of the Bengals in the 1980’s was similar to the dominance of the Seattle Seahawks in the early 2010’s. Due to the Bengals thriving, many people from all over decided to support their team. As a result, there are many watch parties of Bengals games all over the United States, including New York City, Los Angeles, and Seattle. Above is a photo taken of Bengals fans wearing their jerseys at a watch party outside of a bar in Los Angeles.

FanWide, the world’s largest fan club network lists 278 Bengals fan clubs. In addition to traveling well, the Bengals fan base is also avid on social media. Other than the official website of the Bengals, there are many other Cincinnati Bengals Instagram accounts. These accounts include “bengals_nfl” which has 17,000 followers and “bengals.wave” which has 7,000 followers. On Facebook, the main Bengals fan page account is named “Cincinnati Bengals Fanpage” with 27,000 followers and the main Bengals twitter account is named “Bengals” with 823,000 followers.

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