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Washington Nationals Game Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for WSH

          The Washington Nationals, winners of the 2019 World Series, are among the top teams baseball teams in the country and continue to establish a supportive fanbase throughout the Washington D.C area and other parts of the country. The team’s usage of social media allows the fans to truly feel as if they are part of the team, interacting

with players and coaches, and understanding what goes through the minds of the team. The 524,000 Instagram followers, 740,000 Twitter followers, and 690,000 followers on Facebook allow the Nationals to incorporate the fans not only in D.C but around the country to into the lifestyle of the Nationals.  

Washington Nationals Baseball photo
Photo by skyfaller

          Social media resources are a great resource for Nationals Fan Clubs around the world. All members of the community can have an impact on the team. The unreal support shown by these fans inspires all aspects of the team from players and coaches to the upper management. Outside of the baseball field, the Nationals section on provides the fanbase with opportunities to help the community of DC. The Washington Nationals Dream Foundation strives to improve the lives of DC area children. The main focus of the foundation is to support initiatives focused on academics, the arts, nutrition and sports. Through the fans donations, volunteers, and corporate partners, the foundation has made a clear impact on the lives of children as well as creating a more positive atmosphere throughout the community.

          Additionally, the website also supplies the fans with daily articles surrounding the team itself. Since the Nationals are currently playing in the 2019 World Series, the website posts articles describing each game, as well as publications about what the team needs to improve on, focus on, and the struggles that have been evident. The Nationals also use their social media to create watch parties around the country. While watching the game at home is still exciting, watching the game at a bar or restaurant with fans who adore the game as much as you do will bring the excitement and energy to a completely new level. The increased usage of social media illustrates a clear spike in popularity of the Washington Nationals, especially their charity events and viewing parties. 

          Along with the more well known resources (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), there are also a variety of websites and accounts that provide fans with more insight. These include websites such as SBNation and accounts such as NatsRepost, that strive to provide the fans with more unseen trade rumors, different perspectives on the game, and analysis that is less noticeable to the public eye. Max Scherzer and Stephen Strasburg, star pitchers of the Nationals, also embrace the community and fans, using their social media to provide the fans with not only a direct perspective of their time with the Nationals, but also a small peek into their home life. The dominance of these pitchers, as well as the Nationals team as a whole, forces fans to want to learn more, to become a part of, the Nationals Organization. The use of social media to create charity events, watch parties, and provide articles about the team itself provides the fans with a major sense of belonging within the organization. With Fanwide, fans from all over the world can enjoy watching their team with other fans. If you are interested in joining a fan club, or even adding one to the FanWide website, feel free to contact us. No matter where you live, always remember their are fans near you.