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Pittsburgh Penguins NHL Watch Parties and Fan Club Events for PIT

In a city filled with sports teams, the Pittsburgh Penguins have a very large fan base. The city of Pittsburgh has the 7th most sports championships among U.S. cities. The Penguins themselves have five Stanley Cup wins since the team’s founding in 1967. The official Penguins has a Twitter account with 1.8 million followers. The Penguins also have 1.4 million followers on Instagram and just over 1.9 million Facebook followers. They have a total of 5.1 million followers across the 3 platforms. 

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The Penguins are also very active among their community. Currently, they are holding a contest to renovate a local hockey rink. The Penguins chose one of the submitted rinks to renovate. They also have a Lemieux Foundation, where they help kids with cancer. The Penguins have committed over 30 million dollars to their program. They have also built 37 playrooms for children and families in challenging medical conditions. The Penguins also have a youth hockey program, where kids learn how to play hockey and improve their skills. Kids also get to meet their favorite Penguins players. They can also meet, take pictures, and get autographs with those players. The Penguins also have a 50/50 raffle, where the Penguins donate money to charities across the country. Over the past six seasons, The Penguins Foundation has donated over $6 million to charities thanks to the 50/50 raffle. Overall, the Penguins do a tremendous job of getting involved in their community and helping out charities.

There are also many unofficial outlets where fans can access the news about the Penguins. There is an official Pittsburgh Penguins Fan Site on where fans can learn about the promotions and news about their team. Fans can also get authentic Penguins gear from this website. There is also a website on Fansided called Pens Labyrinth. Fans here can learn about the trade rumors, free agency rumors, and all the information regarding the team. The Penguins are a very reachable team for fans all across the country. The Pittsburgh Penguins have many watch parties, viewing parties, and fan clubs. No matter where you are located, you can go to FanWide and find the location of all of these Pittsburgh Penguins events.