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Pittsburgh Pirates MLB Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for PIT

Other than being known as the Steel City, Pittsburgh is a city where everyone bleeds black and yellow. In fact, only black and yellow. The unique part of Pittsburgh sports, is that all professional teams wear black and yellow: The Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Pittsburgh Pirates. The Pittsburgh Pirates, along with the other Pittsburgh professional teams, have a lot of history. The Pirates are tied in seventh place for the most World Series wins. They won 5 World Series. They won in 1909,1925,1960,1971, and 1979. The Pirates were one of the first teams to ever be established, in fact they played in the first World Series (1903). Even though the Pirates are coming off of a not-so-good season, Pirates fans have a lot of hope in the Pirates’ future although there has been a four year playoff drought. The Pirates have a very good chance of surprising many people next season. The Pirates were going through cycles of mediocrity, so owner Robert Nutting fire the general manager, manager, pitching coach, and team president. Nutting wanted a change and understands that with a new culture, and a winning atmosphere, the Pirates can be rejuvenated into the Pittsburgh’s winning culture.

The Pirates’ future is bright due to their young core, as well as the well-functioning of their high-tech website. The Pittsburgh Pirates provide many opportunities for fans to be involved and feel fully immersed in the Pirates community. The Pirates provide unique opportunities for fans like watching batting practice, and even throwing the first pitch.  Interactive opportunities like these make Pirates fans even more loyal. Pirates fans are so loyal that they have 12,901 fans on FanWide, the world’s largest fan club network. Robert Nutting and the Pirates staff only want to win, and don’t be surprised to see the Pittsburgh Pirates making a playoff push next season.