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Miami Marlins MLB Watch Parties and Fan Club Events for MIA

Located in the 6th most densely populated major city, the Miami Marlins have a very large, and diverse fan base. The Marlins are accessible to anyone from any city. The Marlins have 344k followers on Twitter and 700k followers on Facebook. They also have an additional 472k followers on Instagram. The Miami Marlins have a grand total of 1.516 million followers across the 3 major social media platforms. 

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The Marlins are also very active among their community, supporting all their fans across the country. The Marlins have an event called “Marlins Kids” to interact with their young fans. They invite young fans from all over to come to the ballpark, interact with the players and coaches, collect gear, and play on the field. The Marlins also have a “Billy’s Kids Zone” at Marlins Park. This is playground at the stadium where during the games, kids can go to the playground, run around, and have fun with the new friends they make. There is a virtual home run derby simulator as well as a bobblehead museum.

The Marlins also have a fan fest, where fans can run around the field and get autographs from their favorite players. They can also take batting practice with the players. The tickets and parking are free, so fans just have to go on the team website and get a complimentary ticket.

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