The Most Niche Sports Fans Can Bet On

If we look at the basic principles of matched bets then, in theory, they can be applied to almost any type of sport. In this article, we will make mention of the slightly lesser-known disciplines that betting enthusiasts like to dabble in.

American Football

OK, so yes, American football is far from a “niche” sport when it comes to the game itself or its popularity in the US. When we consider it in terms of worldwide betting, however, then its place on the betting scale isn’t as popular as other sporting events.

American Football isn’t as well known in the UK, for example, and those wishing to make money from a bet “less obvious” often choose this sport because of its less risky odds.


With motorsports growing as a spectator sport, it’s no surprise that the races are grabbing the attention of punters around the world. With Formula One, NASCAR, and MotoGP in the line-up, bettors are not short of opportunity when it comes to wagering on a favored race car – or motorbike, for that matter.


Boxing is another sport that makes the cut for being a niche sporting event because of the unique betting types it offers.

Aside from making wagers on match results, punters also enjoy betting on which round the match will end on as well as how many rounds will be played.

Betting on a boxing game is less risky than other sports and casual bettors appreciate it for the odds that tend to hold more worth.


Far from being just your average pub game, darts is another niche sport that allows punters to make money in a slightly different way.

With championship games like the PDC World, BDO World, and the European Darts Grand Prix, and Grand Slam of Darts – there’s no shortage of darts competitions for gamblers to bet on.

Ice Hockey

While ice hockey is a sport that’s reserved mostly for American hipsters, when it comes to a spot of matched betting, then it attracts the likes of your more serious and sophisticated punters.

From focusing on the bigger main sporting events to wagering on the National Hockey League, sports bettors have the option of placing stakes on everything from the 60 min correct score to the total goals in the first period.

Horse Racing

While horse racing is a popular sport that gamblers around the world have always supported, like boxing, it makes this list because of the unique and diverse types of bets that can be placed.

Many have made a career by placing money on their favored horses and beating the odds. To master the art of horse betting, however, you need to delve into the complexity of the races and your first wagers are likely to be placed with trial and error. Some bettors even place bets specifically about race courses.

Essentially, nearly every sport opens up an opportunity for a bet to be placed. Even the most modest of sports have been bet on at some point.