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Indianapolis Colts NFL Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for IND

It has truly been fun watching the Indianapolis Colts pull themselves together right before the playoffs, securing them a spot in the 2019 playoffs. Additionally, Andrew Luck has and will continue to prove to the league why he was the number one pick back in 2012. Even though the Colts are rising in power, their fans have been with them through all the peaks and valleys. Sports Illustrated even predicted them to knock out the Texans in the first round of the playoffs this year. There is a lot of anticipation towards how the Colts will do this postseason, but there is without a doubt that their fans will continue to be rowdy and supportive.

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The history of the Colts fanbase is very deep. Up until 1984, the current Indianapolis Colts were located in Baltimore. Bob Irsay, the owner at the time, asked the city of Baltimore to make improvements to the stadium. However, after several heated arguments with the city, the state of Maryland passed a law allowing the city of Baltimore to seize the Colts from Irsay. In order to keep his team, Irsay quickly took an offer from Indianapolis to relocate the team and packed everything up during the night and moved. Many Baltimore fans continued to support the Colts despite the rough ending, but the establishment of the Baltimore Ravens in 1996 drew a lot of fans back to Baltimore. Nevertheless, the Colts still have a strong fanbase will over 60,000 fans listed on FanWide.

The Colts are very unique in connecting their fans together through the Internet. Most teams have a team page with pictures on their main website, yet the Colts have a bit more. They have a forum which fans from all over the world can communicate and discuss with one another. On this website, there are many different forums which fans can chat with other fans about a whole range of topics. These topics range from general NFL news to fantasy football and gaming.

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Their forum is not the only way fans can connect with each other and the team. The Colts have an Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. On Instagram, they have just over 550,000 followers. Their Twitter follower count hash 1 million. Lastly, their Facebook likes has just over 2 million likes. The Indianapolis Colts have all the pieces they need to make a good run in the playoffs this year. Now it’s time to see if they can pull through.