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New York Giants NFL Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for NYG

The New York Giants have struggled as of late. After a 3-13 2017 campaign, the Giants currently sit at 2-7. And yet, week after week, their stadium is full. The Giants are unique in that they possess a quality that most other professional football teams could only dream of: perpetual relevancy. Despite their objective failure in the past two seasons, the Giants remain one of the most popular professional teams for three main reasons. Primarily, the New York sports market is both the largest and one of the most lucrative markets in the country.

Even while consistently losing, the Giants can always rely on thorough and exciting media coverage that reaches the entire country. Secondly, the Giants remain relevant because some of the most polarizing stars in the sport always seem to find their way to the team. Players like Odell Beckham Jr. and Landon Collins always find a way to remain in the spotlight. Love them or hate them, nobody can stop watching them play.

And finally, perhaps the most important contributor to the Giants’ reputation is their fans. Year in and year out, Giants fans keep showing up to games and engaging in the community. Whether they are enjoying success or toughing out failure, you’ll be hearing about the Giants. Their fans and their city will make sure of it.

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The Giants organization has taken steps to ensure that their fan engagement is locked in. The Giants have a “fanzone” on their website which gives fans the chance stay in tune with the team. Through the “fanzone,” the Giants give fans access to their library of podcasts, newsletter sign up, weekly wallpapers, and more; all of this is proof that the Giants recognize that their most valuable asset is their fan base. Additionally, the Giants maintain successful social media pages. With 1.7 million Instagram followers, 1.8 million Twitter followers, and 3.9 million likes on Facebook, the Giants have direct access to a large portion of their fan base. They use these channels to keep their fans engaged and informed. Like many teams, the Giants are very aware of their fans and make sure that they treat them right.

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