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Washington Redskins NFL Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for WSH

Under the lead of quarterback elite Alex Smith, cornerback Josh Norman, and future Hall of Fame running back Adrian Peterson, things seem to be shaping up well for the Washington Redskins. Currently ranked first in the NFC East, there is without a doubt that the Redskins have what it takes to make a strong push in the playoffs and possibly add another Super Bowl title to their previous three. Despite their rocky stretch of seasons, Redskins fans have been nothing but fully dedicated to being invested in their own. Yet, although this seems to have a negative effect as Redskins fans are notorious for booing their home team, it demonstrates the passion that they hold and the intense emotions they feel when they want their team to do even better.

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Located in Washington D.C., the capital of the United States, Redskins fans have a very vocal way of cheering on their fans. Recently, a dispute between Josh Norman the fans has shown the strength that their fans have on their team. In reaction to fans booing the Redskins, Josh Norman called them out. However, as the Redskins play the Texans, who also have a 6-3 record, Norman purchased 50 tickets to give away to fans for free in order to support the home team. By doing so, the connection between fans and players is strengthened. Besides attending games, Redskins fans also tailgate and have game watch parties nationwide. FanWide has 282 fan clubs spread around the United States ready for you to join.

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