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Carolina Panthers NFL Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for CAR

It is undeniable that the Carolina Panthers have made a name for themselves in the NFL these past few years. As a relatively new franchise, already with a Super Bowl appearance in 2016 and many other strong seasons, it does not seem like the team will slow down anytime soon. Star quarterback Cam Newton has been leading the charge and exciting Panthers fans all across the nation. Despite the amazing play that occurs on the field, one of the roots to the team’s success lies off the field and in the stands or clubs all across the country: the fans.

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The Carolina Panthers organization is very dedicated to connected their fans not only with each other, but also with the franchise itself. On the main website, there is a web page specifically for fans. News, game day events, a kids club, and much more is accessible through the website. Additionally, the Panthers held the 2018 Fan Fest celebration at their home (Bank of America Stadium), to bridge the gap between the players on the field and the supporters in the stands. If you are interested in getting involved with other Panthers fans, regardless if you are in North Carolina, FanWide currently has over 10,000 fans and 46 fan clubs ready for you to link up with.

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