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Top NFL Fan Clubs: New York Jets

It’s been a while since Super Bowl III- the Jets lone Super Bowl win. But there is hope. The team is looking for a quarterback. Correction- the team was looking for a quarterback. After years of journeymen QB’s and young experiments, the Jets have invested heavily in one of the most highly touted quarterbacks in recent years, Sam Darnold. The rookie out of USC hasn’t had the best season in the world, but the kid is 21 years old. Analysts across the league aren’t giving up hope yet. Nobody can explain it, but he’s got that “it” factor. At this time, the NFL is a quarterback dominant league.

If you have a quarterback, you have a shot. The Jets look to build a team around the California kid, and if you’re a Jets fan, you can only hope that the search for a franchise guy ends here. There’s hope on the other side of the ball too. In only his second year, Jamal Adams has forced himself into the conversation of best safeties in the league. The young talent has reunited Jets fans; though they’ve stayed with the team through the ups and downs, it hasn’t always been easy. Now, Jets fans walk around with new confidence. Their cross-town rivals, the Giants, have been struggling as of late, and this might be the Jets chance to take over New York. 

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On the field, the Jets have been working hard to get back to the playoffs. In the meantime, they are working to keep their fans active and entertained. The Jets website has a community section where they put out articles pertaining to their fans. This is a great way for fans to stay connected with the team. Additionally, season ticket holders have access to a variety of rewards and opportunities to attend off-season team events. These fans are even able to points for engaging in the game; for example, when fan noise reaches a point where the opposing team calls a time out, fans will receive points which they can use to buy snacks and apparel among other things. For those out-of-market fans, the Jets stay connected through their social media accounts. The Jets have 1.2 million followers on Twitter, 1.9 million likes on Facebook, and 590k followers on Instagram. Overall, the Jets have a pretty impressive social media portfolio, no surprise given their devoted fanbase.

The Jets unofficial mascot, “Fireman Ed” is the undisputed leader of the Jets fan base. Though he’s been in and out of retirement as of late, every Jets fan knows about the former FDNY fireman. Fireman Ed is just one of the many Jets fans that have gone above and beyond to support their team. Fittingly, one of the main Gang Green communities is Gang Green Nation, an SB Nation hub for Jets news and fan interaction. Beyond cyber communities, groups like Tailgate Joe meet every home game for tailgate parties at MetLife stadium. Websites like can put you in contact with Jets fan clubs. Jets fan clubs are known to be some of the rowdiest and most involved fan clubs in the league, and given the scope of the New York sports scene, it’s no surprise that these wild clubs are active in numbers across the country.

If you happen to be one of the many out-of-market Jets fans, FanWide’s fan club network can connect you to any number of Jets watch parties in your area. Currently, FanWide has accounted for 52 Jets fan clubs and 70,000+ fans. New York sports fans are always in a hurry, but FanWide simplifies things and can connect Jets fans with each other no matter where they are.

The Jets are already gearing up for next season. They hope to replicate the success of teams like the Rams in rebuilding their franchise around a young new quarterback. Sam Darnold has a lot to prove, and like his Rams counterpart, things might start to click in his sophomore season. In any event, Jets fans will still be rooting for their team- they’ve been through worse. As the league shakes up, (namely the inevitable retirement of Tom Brady, a man who has seemingly single-handedly monopolized the AFC East) the Jets might find their way on the rise. Will a Jets fan club rise with them?

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