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New York Jets NFL Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for NYJ

It’s been a while since Super Bowl III- the Jets lone Super Bowl win. But there is hope. The team is looking for a quarterback. Correction- the team was looking for a quarterback. After years of journeymen QB’s and young experiments, the Jets have invested heavily in one of the most highly touted quarterbacks in recent years, Sam Darnold. The rookie out of USC hasn’t had the best season in the world, but the kid is 21 years old. Analysts across the league aren’t giving up hope yet. Nobody can explain it, but he’s got that “it” factor. At this time, the NFL is a quarterback dominant league.

If you have a quarterback, you have a shot. The Jets look to build a team around the California kid, and if you’re a Jets fan, you can only hope that the search for a franchise guy ends here. There’s hope on the other side of the ball too. In only his second year, Jamal Adams has forced himself into the conversation of best safeties in the league. The young talent has reunited Jets fans; though they’ve stayed with the team through the ups and downs, it hasn’t always been easy. Now, Jets fans walk around with new confidence. Their cross-town rivals, the Giants, have been struggling as of late, and this might be the Jets chance to take over New York. 

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