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Atlanta Falcons NFL Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for ATL

For Falcons fans, the 2016 season was a rollercoaster of emotions. MVP Matt Ryan carried a historically good Falcons team to the Super Bowl, and, unfortunately for Falcons fans, everybody remembers the Patriots’ epic comeback. Now two years removed from their Super Bowl run, the Falcons are struggling to replicate that success.

Still, they know what it takes to make it to the big game, and they have the pieces to make the trip back. Falcons fans have been carried along for the ride and are justly hoping that their best days are ahead. And now, in a brand new, 1.2 billion dollar stadium, the Falcons fan experience is better than ever. Falcons fans are looking forward to the future, and, knowing that the 2018 season has plagued their team with injuries, they hope that this is just a bump in the road to victory.

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If you’re a Falcons fan, you might know about #FalconsFriday, a program where the Falcons feature fans who rep Falcons apparel on their website to gear up for the weekend. The Falcons even send out a crew to local elementary schools to get kids involved in the Falcons community. In another effort to connect with the community, the Falcons have an accessible appearance request system where fans and fan organizations can organize player appearances for their clubs or events. Clearly, the Falcons target their fans in more ways than one. On social media, the Falcons broadcast game hype videos, player news, and more to their 1.9 million, 800k, and 2.3 million followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter respectively. In a city as busy as Atlanta, it’s no surprise that fans have found themselves migrating to cities all across the country for one reason or the other. As a result, the Falcons have given fans that can’t attend games at Mercedes-Benz stadium the opportunities to connect to the team in other ways, namely through the internet.

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