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Top NFL Teams: #10 Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks come in at #10 in the FanWide Top 10 NFL team ranking. The Seattle Seahawks are a well rounded team who have found successful recently. They are the winners of Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014 which Russell Wilson, Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch, and the “Legion of Boom” willed them towards victory with FanWide’s own brand ambassador Cliff Avril starting the game with a sack.  Many of the players on the Super Bowl winning roster are still playing for the Seahawks today. While the Seahawks were unable to advance past the wild card round this past season, no NFL team ever wants to face them come playoff time. Around the league, the Seattle Seahawks are known for their crazy fan base which is commonly referred to as the 12th Man. The Seahawks’ fanbase is always loud and excited regardless of the rainy weather. While most of the Seahawks’ success occurred recently, they have still had some NFL greats in the past. Players such as Shaun Alexander and Steve Largent played major roles for the Seahawks in the past. While they only have one Super Bowl to celebrate, their future provides hope for Seahawks fans. With perennial Pro Bowler Russell Wilson returning along with a dominant defense their second Super Bowl appears to be on the horizon.

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Teams were evaluated in 12 different categories (visit this blog post to see the methodology).

NFL Teams Top 10:

  1.  Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks graded out as follows:


Category Count NFL Rank
FanWide Fan Clubs 306 5
Total Social Media Followers (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter in millions) 8.25 5
Forbes Value (in billion) 2.58 16
Nationally televised games (2018) 6 8
Playoff Wins (past 10 years) 9 2
Playoff Wins (all time) 16 16
Super Bowl Wins (past 10 years) 1 2 (tie)
Super Bowl Wins (all time) 1 13 (tie)
All-Stars (past 10 years) 20 16
Hall of Famers 10 23
Average Attendance (2018) 69,001 15
Average Attendance Percentage (2018) 100.4 6


Number of Fan Clubs: 306 (5th)

The Seattle Seahawks have an impressive 306 fan bases. This high number shows the increasingly growing Seahawks fan base across America. This high number of Fan Clubs is also a result of the Seahawks having the largest geographic fan population. The Seahawks fans spread across Seattle, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho which illustrates why the Seahawks have a lot of remote fans. If you are interested in starting a Seattle Fan Club in your local city, contact FanWide today

Total Social Media Followers (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) (in millions): 8.25 (5th)

The Seattle Seahawks have an impressive 8.25 million total followers across Instagram (2,200,000 Followers), Facebook (3,700,000 Followers), and Twitter (2350000 Followers). This high number gives them the 5th most followers out of all 32 NFL teams. The ranking can be contributed to the recent success of the Seahawks. NFL teams have used social media as a template to interact with their fans and build connections. Having 8.25 million followers proves that the Seahawks can be considered one of the more popular and prominent teams in the league.

Forbes value (in billion): 2.58 (16th)

According to Forbes, the Seahawks are worth 2.58 billion dollars. This places the Seahawks as the 16th highest valued team in the league. Forbes ranking is based off of many factors including the value of CenturyLink Field and the revenue the Seahawks bring in yearly. After the recent death of Paul Allen, the owner of the Seahawks, it is unclear who will purchase the team next.

Nationally televised games (2018): 6 (8th)

Due to the Seahawks reaching the playoffs 5 out of the last 6 years, their fan base has grown nationally. This has lead the NFL to nationally televised 6 of their games this past NFL season, giving the Seahawks a rank of 8. While big market teams tend to have all of the nationally televised games, the Seahawks still have a surprisingly high number of games nationally televised without having a huge market.

Playoff Wins (past 10 years): 9 (2nd)

Playoff wins in the past 10 years indicates how successful the team has been recently. Having won 9 playoff games, the Seattle Seahawks have the 2nd most victories compared to the rest of the league, only trailing the New England Patriots (3 wins). Players come and go but developing a successful culture is instrumental to team success. The Seahawks have established that they are among the “NFL Elites” when it comes to winning important games. Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, and Bobby Wagner are definitely two of the leaders of these playoff teams and can be credited with leading their team in the right direction.

Playoff Wins (all time): 16 (16th)

Having won 16 playoff games, the Seahawks rank 16th out of all 32 teams.The amount of playoff wins an NFL team has shows the success of that team throughout its history. In addition, as a team continues to win playoff games it will increase their fan popularity. While the majority of the playoff victories has occurred recently, the Seahawks were also very successful from 2005 to 2007 winning playoff games in all three seasons.

Super Bowl Wins (past 10 years): 1 (2nd tie)

Super Bowls are the real reason why NFL fans support their team throughout the long NFL regular season. Winning Lombardi Trophies and having bragging rights for the whole year afterwards gives each fans a real reason to follow their team through the ups and downs. The Seattle Seahawks’ recent success lead to their first ever Super Bowl in 2014. The Super Bowl victory gave fans hope that the future will be brighter than the past.

Super Bowl Wins (All-Time): 1 (13th)

The Seattle Seahawks have won one Super Bowl coming from the 2013 NFL season. This places them tied for 13th for Super Bowl victories among all NFL teams. Winning the Lombardi Trophy cements a team’s legacy forever. Furthermore, Super Bowl victories result in nationwide attention, thus increasing the number of fans a respected team has. The Seahawks Super Bowl victory in 2014 helped gain millions of fair weather fans all around the world.

Number of All-Stars (past 10 years): 20 (16th)

The Seattle Seahawks rank in the middle of the pack in terms of All-Stars over the past 10 years. Notable All-Stars include Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, Cliff Avril, Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman, and Kam Chancellor. These five players carried the Seahawks toward their first Super Bowl victory in 2014 and have added a certain type of swagger to the Seahawk culture.

Total Hall of Famers: 10 (23rd)

The Seattle Seahawks have a total of 10 Hall of Famers, which ranks as 23rd most in the league. This relatively low rank is due to the fact that the Seahawks are one of the newer teams in the league, becoming an official NFL in 1974. Prominent Hall of Famers include superstar wide receiver Steve Largent and the mammoth left tackle Walter Jones. All 10 Hall of Famers contributed to success in the past and have left a legacy in Seattle forever.

Average Attendance (2018): 69,001 (15th)

Having an average attendance of 69,001 people, the Seahawks are ranked 15th. This ranking shows that while they may not have the most fans compared to some of the bigger market teams such as New York and Dallas, they are still in the top half of the league. One reason for this is because the Seahawks stadium is down town, which helps with attendance and engagement. When considering average attendance per game, it is also essential to remember factors such as stadium capacity and weather conditions.

Average Attendance Percentage (2018): 100.4% (6th)

The Seahawks had a home attendance percentage of 100.4%. This placed them 6th among all NFL teams. The average attendance percentage show’s popularity and loyalty among each fanbase. It is no surprise that the Seahawks have the 6th highest attendance percentage due to their loyal and hardcore fanbase.

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