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Milwaukee Brewers MLB Watch Parties and Fan Club Events for MIL

Milwaukee Brewers photo
Photo by Jim Bauer

Did you know the Milwaukee Brewers were once the Seattle Pilots? As an expansion team founded in 1969, the Pilots were 33 games out of first place. After only one season, the Seattle Pilots were relocated to Milwaukee. Now, with the recent success of Christian Yelich, the 2018 National League MVP, the Brewers are well on their way to becoming a mainstay playoff team is always competitive NL Central Division. The success of the Brewers has not only been on the field, however. The social media presence of the Brewers has allowed them to continue to build their fanbase both in Milwaukee and around the world. With 1.05 million Facebook followers, 630 thousand Twitter followers, and 440 thousand Instagram followers, the three main social media platforms provide Brewers fans with the ability to be a part of their franchise regardless of where they live. 

Other than social media, the Brewers official team website offers tremendous fan-related opportunities. One of the unique resources for Brewers fans is called Brewers on Tap. The Youtube channel is a one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about the Milwaukee baseball club. For fans who live in the Wisconsin area, Brewers On Deck includes meet and greets, youth clinics, and more. What’s Brewing? One of the most up-to-date virtual newsletters is a phenomenal chance for fans to connect. You can sign up here. The Brewers do a great job organizing official resources for their diehard fans, which has only increased the size and strength of their fanbase. 

These fans have built upon their passion for the team by creating unofficial resources for fans everywhere. Reviewing the Brew, the Brewers chapter of FanSided, provides excellent news, rumors, and analysis. SBNation, which also has reports news and analysis on its own Brewers-specific website (Brew Crew Ball), has a unique section that includes fan opinions. Adding on to fan discussion, there are multiple accounts across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Brewers Nation, with 678 members, is a great place to talk about the ups and downs of the Brewers season. On Instagram, @brewersnation provides fans with a virtual community of almost 15 thousand. @BrewerNation on Twitter is an even larger community, with 35.5 thousand fans. Similarly, it covers “the team from a fan’s viewpoint.” FanWide, the world’s top fan club network, is host to many Brewers fan clubs, with 14 currently listed as well as numerous watch parties. Please contact FanWide if you are interested in creating your own Brewers fan club, or registering your Milwaukee fan club with our database. No matter where you live, FanWide can connect Brewers fans.

Photo by Jim Bauer