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Philadelphia Flyers NHL Watch Parties and Fan Club Events for PHI

The Philadelphia Flyers were the first expansion team in the post–Original Six era (the original 6 hockey teams) to win the Stanley Cup, victorious in 1973 and again in 1974. Based in The City of Brotherly Love, the Flyers have a tremendous fanbase. They have 1.58 million followers on Twitter and just about 600K followers on Instagram. Additionally, the Flyers have over 1 million followers on Facebook, giving them a total of around 3.18 million followers across the major social media platforms.

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The Flyers are very involved in their city, always trying to spread joy and excitement to their community. They have a Community Caravan where each stop of the schedule includes an inflatable rink hosting alumni-run clinics and shoot-arounds. There is also food, games, and activities for everyone.

They care about all their fans, especially the life long fans that attend tons of games each year. They have many lifelong fans who always support them through thick and thin. Last season, the Flyers invited a 100 year old fan to be in the team picture. This is a true act of respect from the the team to recognize the big supporters. This is the sort of brotherly love the Flyers have for their fans.

Also, in 2018, they held their second annual Flyers Charity Classic. This event is a cycling 5K for fans of all ages. There are also other events such as bike rides and walks. The profits go to the Flyers Charities organization which supports many nonprofit organizations.

Among the fan events, they have many unofficial fan pages and fan clubs. There is a website called Flyers Fan Club where fans can learn about the recent news surrounding their team. It also shows the upcoming dates that they have games on. There is also a Philadelphia Flyers Fan Club on Facebook that has almost 1k followers. This page talks about all the events that the team is having and has team apparel. The Philadelphia Flyers have many watch parties, viewing parties, and fan clubs. No matter where you are located, you can go to FanWide and find the location of all of these Philadelphia Flyers events.