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Tottenham Hotspur – English Premier League – Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for TOT

Tottenham Hotspur have been a dominant club on the pitch. With Harry Kane, Christian Eriksen, and Dele Alli leading the way, the Hotspur have become a force to be reckoned with. They have also constructed a strong social media presence that allows their fans all around the world to connect with the premier club. The Spurs have the sixth-highest number of Twitter followers among English Premier League teams with about 3.82 million. With 6.1 million Instagram followers, Tottenham Hotspur regularly posts engaging and informative fan content. The Spurs also have a significant Facebook following, with nearly 12.15 million followers, giving them a total of 22.07 million followers across the three social media platforms. Tottenham has developed a substantial social media presence that allows fans around the world to stay up to date with the Spurs. 

Tottenham Hotspur also provides numerous official opportunities on their website for the most passionate fans to engage with one of the premier clubs in the world. To stay connected to the latest news and get access to exclusive match build-up information, you can sign up for the weekly newsletter. For the youngest members of the Spurs family, the One Hotspur Junior Membership is a tremendous way for emerging fans to show their pride. These special fans can meet Harry Kane, work as a match reporter, or even win player-worn boots (cleats). The membership also provides exclusive ticket sale opportunities, allowing you to scream #COYS, or Come on You Spurs, with the rest of the #THFC faithful. It is clear that the Spurs put a strong emphasis on improving the fan experience and that has allowed the fanbase to continue to grow.

With this large fanbase, there are many unofficial opportunities for #THFC fans all around the world to connect with the club. SBNation operates a Spurs blog with news and analysis called Cartilage Free Captain. Fansided also provides Tottenham fans everywhere with a reliable resource for everything Spurs, including news, match reviews, opinions, and more at HotspurHQ. For diehard #THFC supporters who don’t live in London and can’t attend games at the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, FanWide is the perfect resource to stay connected to the club. FanWide, the world’s top fan club network, is host to many Spurs Fan Clubs, with 61 currently listed as well as numerous watch parties, allowing those who love to scream #ComeOnYouSpurs to show their pride. Please contact FanWide if you are interested in creating your own Tottenham fan club, or registering your Spurs fan club with our database. No matter where you live, FanWide can connect Hotspur fans.