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Chicago Blackhawks NHL Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for the Blackhawks

With a rich history and eccentric players like Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, The Chicago Blackhawks have been a top contender in the National Hockey League in recent years.  Blackhawks fans are described as a tight-knit group and very passionate hockey fans. It is no surprise that the official team website is essential to the fanbase, connecting fans nationally through the “Community” tab. This utter sense of community permeates through the numerous Blackhawks fan clubs spread throughout the nation.  With 422 known fan clubs, Blackhawks fans across the country regularly convene to watch games, simultaneously creating lasting bonds with each other.  Whether it be the Chicago Born, Arizona Based Sports Fans or the Chi Town in A Town club, FanWide connects remote fans all around the country for viewing parties and other fan events.

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The Chicago Blackhawks are unique to the NHL, focusing on the fan experience as much as the success of the team. Showcased through the official website, they especially engage with the youth through the Little Blackhawks, JuniorHawks pregame skate program, summer camps. The team even goes so far to connect fans and players by posting players’ playlists to Spotify and hosting fitness events. The Blackhawks promote themselves through their active Instagram account, boasting 1.3 million followers. They use the hashtag, #Onegoal, to encompass their brand and mindset as a hockey club. Although just a phrase, it unites Blackhawks fans, as seen through the many Instagram posts from various watch parties all over the country with the caption: #Onegoal.

Winning six Stanley Cups since 1926, the Chicago Blackhawks are among the most successful and historic hockey teams to date. Blackhawks fans across the country  are passionately devoted to viewing and celebrating their team together. With millions of people supporting the Blackhawks, FanWide easily locates local watch parties, provides a wide spectrum of fan information and links to the official website and social media accounts.