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AS Roma Serie A Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for Roma

Based in Rome, Italy, AS Roma is a professional football club in the Serie A. Being a top team, Roma fans are spread all over the world, allowing for the creation of fan clubs and other forms of fan engagement. With fans all over the world, Roma is challenged with creating a cohesive fan community; however, by maintaining thirteen Twitter accounts in different languages, Chinese chat rooms and loyal fan clubs across the world, fans stay engaged with the team and more importantly, with each other. Although these fan clubs are small and spread out, FanWide allows you to discover, join or create your very own local club. The website and app are extraordinarily simple to navigate, allowing users to explore new communities and build friendships through sports. 

The AS Roma website is a great tool to engage with the team as it directs you to register for the weekly newsletter. Providing fans with breaking news and analysis reports, the free newsletter is a perfect example of how Roma connects with its fans. This sought after information can also be found on Roma’s multitude of Twitter accounts. The team boasts accounts in the most popular languages to ensure that all their fans remain in touch with team news, events, etc. Although, Roma controls a variety of accounts in different languages, the hashtag, “#ASRoma” connects fans and posts around the world, contributing to the team’s community. Not only do they remotely engage with fans, Stadio Olimpico includes the AS Roma fanzone. This entertainment area builds a strong sense of community as families, couples or friends are able to compete in minigames like “inflatable penalties” or “street soccer pool”. 

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