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New York Rangers NHL Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for NYR

Playing their home games at Madison Square Garden (also known as “The World’s Most Famous Arena”), the New York Rangers have built a large network of fans. This is partly due to the team’s big market location, but it is also due to the team’s internet and social media presence. On both Instagram (956,000 followers) and Twitter (1.45 million followers), the Rangers have developed strong resources for fans. Both accounts provide constant updates and highlights so that the fanbase can feel connected with their team. 

Additionally, the Rangers website is a great resource for everything Rangers. They post recaps of their games, stats for each player, post-game interviews, news articles related to the team, and anything else that a Rangers fan might need. They even have a youth hockey program available for sign up on their website titled the “Junior Rangers,” which allows for children to have the opportunity to practice a sport with professionals for free. They also offer a girls hockey platform, which gives girls the chance to be involved in a 20-week long program led by US Olympic Women’s Hockey Gold Medalist Amanda Kessel. Beyond this, they have both the Rangers app, as well as the MSG app available for download on their website. These apps not only give fans alerts on game stats, goals, or news related to the team, but also allow fans to watch various Free Games of the Week. With all of these resources, it is very easy for fans to stay updated on everything Rangers related. 

Apart from the official team-related organizations that the Rangers have created in order to interact with their fans, the team also has unofficial outlets. For example, Blue Shirt Banter is a perfect place for fans to view team stats, read stories about the team, buy tickets for upcoming games, and many more options.  Similarly, the Blue Line Station (A Fansided chapter for the New York Rangers) consists of editorials, news, analysis, and more. Both of these websites are great places for fans to stay updated with their team. They allow for fans to come together and stay updated on their favorite teams through discussions. Please contact FanWide if you are interested in creating your own New York Rangers fan club, where you can come together with other New York Rangers fans and watch the games no matter where you live or work. Or, you can join one of the existing 19 fan clubs that are already available in FanWide.