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Boston Bruins NHL Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for BOS

The Boston Bruins have a large and accessible social media portfolio, having the 11th best hockey fan base according to Fox Sports. While Bruin fans in Boston have an great attendance rate among NHL teams, fans across the country can access information on the Bruins wherever they may be. The Bruins have the 6th most Twitter followers out of all the NHL teams with 1.45 million followers (according to statista). Adding on, the Bruins have over 2 million likes on Facebook and an additional 1.2 million followers on Instagram. The Bruins have a total following of around 4.75 million followers on the major social media platforms.

Beyond their social media pages, Bruins players are very active within their community. The Bruins had their 3rd annual Fan Fest Tour this past summer in Leominster, Massachusetts. Bruins forward Jack Studnicka, general manager Don Sweeney, assistant coach Joe Sacco, and alum Andrew Alberts were all present at the event. At this event, players and managers from the team interact with, take pictures with, and answer questions from their fanbase. The Bruins also host a Bruins Academy where young hockey players can learn tips and techniques to improve their skills from their favorite Bruins stars. The Academy offers summer programs where young players can practice their skills on the ice at TD Garden.

There are also unofficial outlets where fans can access Bruins news, rumors, and analysis. The Boston Bruins Daily provides fans with in depth information about their favorite players and news surrounding the team. On Facebook, fans can join a group called The Boston Bruins Fan Club where they receive news and the team’s stat leaders. With over 100,000 members, fans can interact and talk about their favorite team. All in all, the Bruins fan base is a wide network of websites where people all over the country can interact and debate the latest news stories surrounding their team. The Boston Bruins have many watch parties, viewing parties, and fan clubs. No matter where you are located, you can go to FanWide and find the location of all of these Boston Bruins events.