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Las Vegas Golden Knights NHL Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for VGK

Being the most recent addition to the National Hockey League, most would have expected the Las Vegas Golden Knights to experience all the struggles of new teams. However, the Vegas Knights thrived in their introduction to the NHL. Populating a Facebook page of 360K, a Twitter of 445K, and an Instagram of over 650K, the Knights have extended their fanbase beyond the Vegas area. Being located in Vegas, the tourism business allows William Foley (owner of the Knights) to organize different events in order to intrigue these tourists to watch the Knights play. 


The team has a Vegas Golden Knights Foundation which focuses on improving the community. The goal is to help youth by fostering physical, social, and emotional health, especially through the use of sports, while also creating a stronger encouragement for education. By combining the love of sports and the hockey team with a goal all people can relate to and encourage creates a strong sense of well being for not just the community of vegas, but all tourists who are visiting. 

Furthermore, the Knights also organize their own form of watch parties so all fans can watch with each other no matter their location. Along with these watch parties, enthusiasts can sign up to receive updates about the teams through a newsletter. This keeps them up to date on tickets, community events, promotions, and much more. 

The Knights offer a multitude of youth hockey programs as a way for students to be more active and expand the fanbase for the team, as well as hockey as a sport itself. Not only does T-Mobile Arena (home of the Vegas Knights) provide a grand stadium for the hockey games, it also hosts a variety of other events that all fans and tourists can attend to get a full experience of the Las Vegas community. By introducing other events into the mix with the hockey, people are engaged with the fanbase and desire to keep coming back. This increases the worldwide popularity of the Knights and emphasis the belief about Las Vegas being a welcoming community that strives to bring fans from all over the world a magnificent experience. 

Along with the usage of social media to incorporate a widespread fanbase, the Las Vegas Golden Knights do one of the best jobs at making sure the people of Las Vegas and tourists visiting the city get what they came for- the time of their life. The ability of the Knights to thrive in their sport and engage the community allows for one of the best cultures around. The constant newsletters and updates seen throughout the world give insight into the team and succeed greatly in their goal of showing people what Vegas has to offer. FanWide gives viewers all over the globe an opportunity to gather with other fans and watch the games together. If you are interested in attending one of these gatherings, please visit our website.