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How to Earn FanChain FANZ Tokens at FanWide Game Watch Parties

FanChain is a digital rewards platform which uses blockchain crypto tokens (“FANZ tokens”) to connect the global sports industry.

FanChain Token

FanWide is distributing FanChain FANZ tokens to its registered users for attending events, sharing with friends and other actions described below. These FANZ tokens will be “stamped” by sports team and stored in your FanWallet so that they can be redeemed for cash, prizes, memorabilia and other goods. For more information about FanChain, FANZ and the FanWallet, check out

This step by step guide will take you through how to earn FANZ tokens right here on Just for signing up on our website and choosing a favorite team, you can easily earn FANZ Tokens! Currently you can earn 10 FANZ tokens with every action, but the value will decline over time as more users join the network, so sign up today! Let’s take a look on how to earn FANZ tokens through FanWide.

Linking your FanWallet

After creating an account on, to start earning tokens, you’ll need to link your FanWallet to your FanWide Account. If you do not have a FanWallet already, you can get one for free. Click the button to connect with FanChain and create or link your accounts.

FanWallet on FanWide

There will be a few options for you to choose to authorize your account, such as through SportsCastr, Facebook, Twitter, Email, and Third Party Two-Factor-Authentication Apps. Here we’ll choose email:

If you haven’t already, you will be prompted to create a FanChain account. Simply choose a username and hit “Get Started”.

Create an Account on FanChain

Setting Your Default Stamp

Next, you’ll be brought back to FanWide where you can choose your default team stamp. This should be your favorite team so that every time you earn rewards for an action which is not for any specific team, such as referring a friend. You can also change this later if you want to earn tokens for a different default team. Once you’ve done that you’ve got your first FANZ Tokens!

Choosing Your Favorite Team

Choosing a Favorite Team

After setting your default stamp, you can choose your favorite team. Choose a team and click “Add to Favorites” and you’ve got yourself more FANZ Tokens!

Choose your Favorite Team on FanWide

Checking In for Events, Specials & I’m Attending

The main way you can earn FANZ tokens is through checking in at events.  You can earn bonus FANZ Tokens if you say that you are attending in advance or use one of the Check In Special to enter a raffle or get a discount from the hosting restaurant.

Checking In for Events and Specials

Up to 1 hour before game time you can click “I’m Attending” for the event to earn additional Tokens. However, make sure to hit “Check In” once you get to your spot, otherwise you won’t be awarded those tokens.

Click I'm Attending for Tokens

Once you’re at the event, Check In to earn more FANZ Tokens!

Sometimes events will also have a Check In Special, such as entering a raffle and contests from a sponsor, or getting discounted food and beverage from the bar.  Each Check In Special will let you earn FANZ Tokens, but make sure that you opt-in to that special when you check in.

Check in for Special

Sharing on Social Media

You will also get FANZ Tokens for letting your friends know what events you are attending through Facebook or Twitter. Earn more FANZ Tokens for each of your posts. You can share by clicking the Facebook and Twitter Icons on the Event tile on the Event Page.

Share on Social Media to Earn More Tokens

Referring a Friend

You can also earn FANZ Tokens by referring friends to our website. Each user has a custom referral code that you can share to your friends when they sign up for FanWide. Each friend that signs up will earn you more FANZ Tokens. You can find your referral code on your profile page here:

Referral Code on User Profile

Checking Your FANZ Token Balance & Rewards

You can always check your FANZ token balance by going to the FANWALLET BY FANCHAIN tab on the drop-down menu of your profile tab or right on your FanWide profile. Alternatively, you can go to to check your balance. Note that tokens will not be displayed until after a 24 hour review period.

FanWallet Tab on Drop Down Menu Earned Tokens on User Profile

Now you can start earning FANZ Tokens for whatever events you attend. Later you can use these tokens to earn rewards such as free drinks, apparel and merchandise, and even game tickets for your favorite team.

Earned Tokens in FanWallet Page

FanChain also has an app on the iOS app store as well as a website at! Download these to check your FANZ Token balance on the go!

FanWallet App

Exchanging your FANZ Tokens for Cash via PayPal

There is nothing better than getting rewarded with cash for watching your favorite team play!  Through FanChain can exchange your tokens for cash! First, we’ll visit and click “Sell Tokens”.

Sell Tokens on FanWallet

Then just enter the email associated with your PayPal and you’ll receive cash for your tokens in the next two business days.

Sell Tokens via PayPal

It’s that easy to earn FanChain FANZ Tokens using FanWide while watching your favorite team at a local sports bar.