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Top NBA Fan Clubs: Brooklyn Nets

With their location in New York, America’s most populous city, the Nets have built up a sizeable network of fans both in and out of the Big Apple. To keep in touch with this fan network, the Nets maintain an active social media presence. Currently, the Nets have over 2.7 million Facebook likes, over 1 million Twitter followers, and over 1.4 million Instagram followers. The Nets use the official hashtag #WeGoHard on all of their social media accounts. The official Brooklyn Nets social media accounts all represent excellent sources of Nets news and highlights for Nets fans everywhere. 

Nets fans share great optimism about the direction of the franchise. Photo courtesy of

Nets official fan outreach extends far beyond their social media presence. The Nets team website is full of content of all types for Nets fans. The team website contains all the team information a fan could possibly need. It also includes additional resources for fans, such as information about camps for young Nets fans, different fan experiences, and the team fan mobile app. The team is involved in community service as well, with Brooklyn Nets Assist the team’s main outreach program. The Nets’ numerous official team resources can meet the needs of almost all Nets fans.

Of course, given their sizeable fanbase, several unofficial Nets fan clubs and organizations have been formed. Some prominent online Nets communities include NetsDaily, the team SBNation blog, Nothin’ But Nets, the team Fansided blog, and For physical watch parties, there is no better source than FanWide, the world’s top fan club network. FanWide has its own directory of Brooklyn Nets fan clubs, the best place to find a watch party near you. Please contact FanWide if you are interested in creating your own Nets fan club, or registering your Nets fan club with our database. No matter where you are located, you will always have opportunities to stay close to your Brooklyn Nets.