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Philadelphia Phillies MLB Watch Parties and Fan Club Events for PHI

The Philadelphia Phillies are the longest tenured franchise with the same name in American professional sports. The Phillies have won two World Series titles and 7 National League Pennants through their existence. They have just about 700K followers on Instagram and 1.6 million followers on Facebook. They also have 1.85 million followers on Twitter, bringing their total to 4.15 million followers across all three platforms. 

Waiting for the Patco in Camden

The Phillies are also very active in their community and with their young fans. For the holidays, the they have a Red Friday Holiday Shopping at their Stadium. The first 200 people in line receive a free 2020 Bryce Harper fathead. There is also a half off sale off all team gear and apparel. Fans also are able to go on the field and in the dugouts to take pictures and run around. The Phillies also have a Christmas sale in late December where for 12 days, they have new items on sale for 40 percent off including sweatshirts, shirts, jackets, etc. Additionally, later in the MLB season, they are teaming up with Autism Speaks for an Autism Awareness day at their stadium. The tickets are on sale and part of the proceeds from ticket sales go to Autism Speaks. The Phillies do an exceptional job of supporting charities and foundations as well as giving their fans many great experiences. 

There are also online fan clubs and other groups that fans can join to feel connected to the Phillies. There is a Philadelphia Phillies fan club on facebook with over 50K followers. On this site, fans get all the news about the team as well as recent interviews from the team’s players and coaches. Fans get the recent offseason rumors, trades, and free-agency signings. There is also page called Phillies Nation, where fans can learn a tremendous amount about the team. On this page, fans can learn about the players on the team, the farm system, and the front office. Fans can also learn about the history of the team and receive access to team apparel on this fan page. The Phillies also had one of the top 40 fan groups in MLB History: The Wolf Pack. The Wolf Pack was based on a pitcher from the team, Randy Wolf. They were a huge fan club at the stadium who would continuously cheer on Wolf.

The Fan culture surrounding the team is uncanny. The Philadelphia Phillies have many watch parties, viewing parties, and fan clubs. No matter where you are located, you can go to FanWide and find the location of all of these Philadelphia Phillies events.