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FanWide Scores Big for Real Madrid Fan Clubs in the U.S.

Real Madrid is one of the world’s most popular soccer teams and it currently has nearly 20 official fan clubs in major metro markets within the United States. Through FanWide’s website, mobile app and services the soccer fan club gives its members a digital platform for connecting with other fans and finding viewing parties.

“FanWide is a great app! Real Madrid has supporters throughout the United States and the app is a great way to find out where to get together with other Real Madrid fans whenever I travel on vacation or on business,” said Leo Molina, Advisor to the Board Peña Madridista Los Angeles, Official Los Angeles Real Madrid Supporter’s Club.

With FanWide, Real Madrid Clubs direct their members to the bar or restaurant hosting their matches each week and have the tools to create better communication and engagement for a watch party event. Fan Club members can also use the FanWide app or mobile website to secure promo’s — drink and food discounts or other special offers — at events.

“As a business traveler, I travel often across the US. As an avid soccer and Real Madrid Fan, I am always trying to find a place in the town that I visit to watch Real Madrid,” said Stewart J. Wolfenson, President, Peña Madridista Los Angeles, Official Los Angeles Real Madrid Supporter’s Club. “FanWide provided me and our club the perfect platform to never miss a game.  I open the app look for my team and off I go.”

FanWide started working with the Los Angeles fan club that boasts nearly 1,500 official members and expanded to assist clubs in every major market across the country, including Miami, Houston, Atlanta, New York and Washington D.C.

As membership in these markets continues to grow, FanWide helps the local clubs to secure additional viewing party locations. This provides Real Madrid clubs with the ability to direct their members to multiple bars or restaurants for a big match, which benefits fans by offering several watch party locations in a large city. Through this tactic, these clubs simultaneously grow their exposure, reach and ability to expand their network and add new supporters.

“The Real Madrid fan clubs are one of the most dedicated groups of sports fans in the world and their passion for their team is unrivaled,” said Symon Perriman, President & Founder of FanWide. “With FanWide, the thousands of fan and alumni club leaders now have a digital platform for organizing their watch parties and growing their local reach and exposure, which they would not be able to have achieved with closed social media groups. The novel approach taken by FanWide is not only helping Real Madrid fan clubs optimize their watch party experience, it’s delivering a new way for fans of every pro and college team to connect nationwide, no matter where they live or travel.”

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