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Hosting a Successful Basketball Watch Party | Case Study

Whisky West South Carolina NCAA Basketball Watch Party
Whisky West South Carolina NCAA Basketball Watch Party


Learn how FanWide helped Whisky West in Seattle, Wash. become a premier sports watch party location for basketball fans in only a few weeks.


By using FanWide’s services for bars and restaurants, they were able to turn their bar into a top location for watching NCAA Basketball. We call this, creating the FanWide experience – making sure groups of sports fans and a bar or restaurant create a long, lasting relationship.

Read this case study to find out: 

  • Why Whisky West needed to attract a younger, more sports influenced crowd;
  • Why FanWide was the only way to help attract sports fans of a particular demographic;
  • How Whisky West attracted new groups of basketball fans throughout the 2017 NCAA basketball season;
  • And how the growing bar became the ideal destination for South Carolina Gamecocks fans during the team’s run through the 2017 NCAA Basketball tourney and its Final Four appearance – growing attendance numbers of up to 50 fans for each watch party.

Download the free PDF of the full case study here:

2017 NCAA South Carolina & Whisky West Case Study PDF