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5 things to look for when choosing a sports bar

Are you looking for a place to watch tonight’s game, and sick of getting treated like a second class sports fan because your bar of choice insists on showing the rival team instead of yours? Here is our quick picks for what to look for in a sports bar.


Watching the game on the big screen is great, but having your game on every TV wherever you look – is the bees knees. When selecting a spot to watch a game, you should probably pick a spot that has TVs that you can actually watch. Don’t be that guy in the corner of the bar squinting at the small TV while everyone else watches an obscure anime movie on the 100″ projector.

Drink Specials

You’ve got your game on, the TV is blaring, your friends are all there and you want to order drinks for the table…Wouldn’t it be great to know that since you’re there with your friends that you don’t have to break the bank to have a few drinks? We recommend a spot that has pitchers or buckets, and shot discounts. Remember to stay hydrated.


What is a good game without hearing the cheering crowds or clueless announcers? As long as your game is playing on the majority of speakers – you are good to go! Avoid spots with TouchTunes (jukeboxes) that hijack the audio channel with songs like Bad an Boujee (NSFW) in the middle of the game.


Eat, drink and be merry! It’s always the best to have great food while you’re enjoying the game. After enjoying some great drink specials, ravenous hunger may strike a fan. Finding not only the other aspects of a great sports bar, having good food is also important; whether it be buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks, pizza or something else, it’s important to have something delicious for the fans!


It’s not exactly an exciting event by yourself. It’s always a good idea to hook you up with other like-minded fans to make sure you will never be alone watching your game. A great bar will be crowded, but not too crowded. This ensures that there is excitement at the bar but you can also hear and interact with your friends and other fans.


That challenge or time out can take longer than expected. Playing a quick game of darts or billiards while you wait for the action to restart can be the difference between boredom and keeping the party going! It certainly helps if you are going to make it a double header and stick around for that late night game to start.

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