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Top NBA Fan Clubs: Memphis Grizzlies

Located in Memphis, the Grizzlies play for Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas. The Grizzlies have been a team that has had a short period of mediocrity, but the tide should change soon enough. Ja Morant, the Grizzlies 1st round draft pick, will change the culture in Memphis and usher in a new era of GRIT and GRIND. The Grizzlies had veterans that were lacking a sense of urgency, but now everything will likely change. With a 34 year old coach at the helm and a star point guard in Ja Morant, there is no better time to be a Memphis Grizzlies fan. The Memphis Grizzlies may lack history, but their fans do in fact have a bright future ahead and have many things to look forward to. 


The Grizzlies have several programs that allow their fans to contribute and feel a part of the community. One program is called Grizzlies Cares. This program is the“overarching umbrella for all employee volunteer services. Each year Grizzlies players, coaches and front office staff give back to the community through a variety of impactful service driven projects.” Another program is called the Memphis Grizzlies scholar program, which is a program that aims to improve the number of young men with access to academically challenging high schools as a pathway to success.


The Memphis Grizzlies have 805 K Instagram followers , 1 million followers on twitter, and 1.8 million likes on Facebook. Other than the official Grizzlies website and social media outlets, there are other Grizzlies sites and fan clubs that want you! One site is the Grizzly bear blues, which is an SBNation website which allows Grizzlies Fans to stay up to date with transaction and feel a part of the city of Memphis. Another awesome Grizzlies website is the Beale Street Bears, which is a website of FanSided filled with Grizzlies news and rumors. FanWide, the world’s largest fan club network, has 3 fan clubs for the Memphis Grizzlies.