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How Sports Bars can Host Game Watch Parties after Football Season

The football season is beginning to wind to an end. The Super Bowl is less than 2 months away and bowl games are nearly here as well. It feels as though the season only just began. And yet here we all are, about to embark on months of football-less despair.

The fall is the busiest time for bars which profit from football fans gathering for drinks with friends to watch their favorite team all day Saturday and Sunday. But what are bars supposed to do to retain and engage fans during the football off-season? FanWide has some tips to keep profits up all year long.

While football season is ending, basketball season has just begun. If you are currently hosting a college football alumni group or host a certain college’s team, try and retain the fan group for the basketball season as well. For example, if you have a group of alumni that support the Miami Hurricanes or Notre Dame Fighting Irish football, support that group by hosting Miami or Notre Dame basketball during the off-season. You can host other spring sports as well by investing in streaming internet service. ESPN3 provides live streams of college baseball, softball, and lacrosse that could appeal to the same alumni fan groups.  In the off-season you can host NFL and NBA draft parties.

2018 is a unique year in international sport: the Olympic Games begin the Friday after the Super Bowl and the FIFA World Cup starts in mid-June. While both events are taking place abroad, they will be broadcast so we can enjoy them from the other side of the globe. Try and establish yourself as a place to watch these international spectacles while football is taking its hiatus.

Reaching these communities on your own can be tough if you have never attempted before. FanWide provides bars with ways to fill their seats every day of the week during the 30 weeks of the year that are not filled with pro and college football. If you would like some help organizing these events, you can visit FanWide. We can help you set up watch parties during your off-season. You can also take a look at our Host Guide where we outline exactly how to make your events successful.

Good luck this offseason!