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Chicago White Sox MLB Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for White Sox

Chicago White Sox MLB Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for CWS

The Chicago White Sox, originally known as the Sioux City Cornhuskers, are a member of the American League Central division. Founded as a minor league club in 1894, the White Sox have had an decorated history that includes three World Series titles. Recently, the team has struggled to maximize its potential; however the Sox plan to dominate the 2020. With the signings of Jose Abreu and Yasmani Grandal, White Sox fans are excited for the new team to showcase itself in the coming months. The White Sox official website offers deals and holiday packages to fans that are interested in attending spring training and other public team events. 


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The Chicago White Sox community bonds in various ways like watch parties and social media, resulting in an extremely tight-knit fanbase. With over three hundred and fifty thousand Instagram followers, the White Sox are intent on providing the best fan experience possible. The team advertises to the younger generations, maintaining an active Tik-Tok account with over sixty thousand likes. Also, the official White Sox Youtube account offers fans exciting compilations and interesting interviews with players. Fans are connected with players through access to their personal Spotify playlists as well as other important information on the official website. SoxFest tickets are for sale at favorable prices, considering it is the largest annual White Sox fan event. The two-day long celebration further links fans and players, contributing to the tight-knit community. 

From engaging with fans through Tik-Tok or SoxFest, the White Sox community within Chicago has regular access to team events. Sadly, remote fans lack the fortune of this experience. FanWide is extremely beneficial to these individuals, connecting White Sox fans in different cities through watch parties and other social events.