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West Ham Football Club Premier League Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for WHFC

West Ham football club is an English premier league team, famous for their fast pace and attacking style.  Based out of Stratford, East London, the team has many derbies that transcend the pitch to the fans. West Ham fans truly create a strong sense of family within their community as demonstrated through their official website.  It contains a multitude of Hammer’s fan clubs in the United Kingdom and across the globe. FanWide is essential to West Ham fans that want to join a club or attend a watch party. With over thirty recognized fan clubs, every West Ham fan is guaranteed the opportunity to participate within the community at a game or social event. 

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West Ham fans are extremely engaged with the club through social media, the official website and the London Stadium. The West Ham Instagram account has over nine hundred thousand followers with more than five thousand posts. Younger fans also stay engaged through the active Snapchat account that offers glimpses into players’ everyday lives. Like FanWide, West Ham’s website contains information about West Ham fan clubs across the globe, allowing fans to interact with each other, organize watch parties and host other social events. The team goes so far as to offer supporter representatives if fans are seeking assistance with their West Ham fan experience. The club also features a disabled supporters board that provides special privileges to fans with disabilities, further creating a sense of family.  The unity expressed throughout West Ham fan clubs is essential to the team’s culture and fuels the passion seen during matches and derbies. The early 2000s was a period of reconstruction as the club’s management board sought to create a unique, unmatched game experience for fans. London Stadium was completed in 2008, equipped with modern features and authentic stadium stores. Interactive tours are hosted at the stadium, once again, providing a snapshot of the players’ experiences to the fans. 

West Ham Football Club ensures an amazing experience for both players and fans by providing various amenities including London Stadium. However, FanWide is essential to fan experience, connecting remote fans across the globe through watch parties and other social events. There is no better way to support West Ham than through FanWide.