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UFC Watch Parties & Fan Club Events For MMA

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, The Ultimate Fighting Championship is the biggest mixed martial arts promotion company in the world. With eccentric fighters like Connor McGregor, Israel Adesanya and Jon Jones, the UFC has the biggest impact among the mixed martial arts community.  Fans constantly stay engaged with fighters and promotions through various forms of social media, including Instagram and Youtube. Before each major bout, the company releases previous fights of each fighter to increase the excitement surrounding the event. Fans seriously engage with these videos as views regularly rise into the millions. FanWide allows UFC fans to connect with each other, hosting and locating various watch parties in different cities across the nation. 

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The Ultimate Fighting Championship caters to its fans through Dana White’s Contender Series, various forms of social media and their bar finder software. Aspiring fighters have the ability to compete on live television for a spot on Dana White’s UFC roster.  Sean O’ Malley, a rising superstar, is an example of an MMA superfan that achieved his dream of becoming a professional fighter through the Contender Series. The company also has a multitude of licensed gyms across the nation, allowing fans and enthusiasts to train with proper coaches and facilities.  The UFC maximizes social media efforts, constantly releasing interesting Youtube videos and Instagram posts, including lists, surveys and fight highlights. The official website directs fans to their Tik-Tok page that regularly uploads humorous  clips of fighters. The vast majority of fan engagement is through social media; however, each major bout is usually sold out pretty quickly. For the fans that are not able to watch the fight in person, the UFC website has a sophisticated bar-finder software. Similar to FanWide, this tab allows people to find bars or restaurants in their area to watch the fight and socialize with fellow fans.  Major fans have the option to register for the Fight Pass and the official newsletter. While the newsletter provides general information about the fighters and upcoming promotions, the Fight Pass provides access to entertaining talk shows and past fights. Through their many forms of engagement, the UFC is intent on providing the best possible experience for their fighters and fans. 

Home to the most elite fighters in the world, the UFC is still a growing company with the potential to become a major sport in the United States. In cities across the nation, mixed martial arts fans congregate to watch UFC bouts together in bars and restaurants. FanWide allows people to easily locate watch parties and connect with other UFC fans.