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Los Angeles Angels MLB Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for LAA


The Los Angeles Angels have built up a very large fan base thanks in large part to their consistency in both communication with their fans as well as an increased push for overall fan happiness when attending games. To begin, I had the pleasure of interviewing Robert Alvarado, the former Vice President of Marketing & Sales for the Angels from 2003-2015. Alvarado spoke about his experience with the Angels in these 12 years.

During his tenure, the Los Angeles Angels were ranked top choice among MLB organizations by ESPN the Magazine’s “Ultimate Standings” for best fan experience and value. In the interview, Alvarado said it was due to the quality of the fan experience when attending games. The Angels marketed the team to the broader and diverse market of Southern California through increasing overall fan promotions. Examples of this were making food and beverage options better, making pricing more affordable, increasing overall cleanliness in the stadium, and many other changes. This led to fans enjoying their time at the stadium much more, which guides fans towards buying tickets for games in the future. Alvarado stated that he strived for consistency at all 81 home games during each season, which led to them being named top choice for fan experience and value among other MLB teams. 

Alvarado also spoke about the “crown jewel” of his time with the Angels, the restoration of “the Halo A” icon as the team’s logo. In 1997 when the Angels moved to Anaheim, they shifted away from this “Halo A” logo and changed to something different. When the team acquired a new owner, it was Alvarado’s duty to inform fans of this new ownership through the logo. Fans noticed that it had the roots of the old logo, but there were also differences. They embraced the new look, according to Alvarado, and it led to both younger fans and older fans being attracted to the Angels organization. These two examples are just some of the ways in which the Angels have acquired their fan base in the past. 

In the digital age, the Angels utilize multiple different platforms. Not only do they use Facebook, but they also use Twitter and Instagram. All of these platforms are used fairly similarly, as they update their followers on what is going on with the team on a daily basis. They post highlights, interviews, stats from each game, and other news to keep their fans engaged and informed. The team also utilizes their website to keep their fans updated on the team. Beyond statistics and roster updates, it also shows the ways in which the team interacts with their community. According to the website, the Angels Baseball Foundation concentrates on investments in education, healthcare, arts and sciences, and community-related youth programs throughout the region. The page showcases how players live this statement, as they are constantly seen helping out with community service or paying visits to children in hospitals. 

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