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New York Islanders NHL Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for NYI

The New York Islanders have acquired a large sum of fans through the ways in which the team utilizes their social media accounts as well as their website. In addition, the team branches out in their community quite often, doing various community service and charitable acts. Overall, the team has displayed a large amount of care for their fans, which leads to a very large fanbase. To begin, the team mainly utilizes social medias like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, having large amounts of followers on each platform. The team keeps their fans updated on these accounts by posting highlights, individual statistics, roster updates, and anything else a fan might need. This keeps their fans engaged, as they are able to easily keep up with what is going on within the team. They also post about the community service events that staff, players, and fans engage in on their social media accounts. It allows fans to not only join in these community service events with the players, but also lets them notice the great work that the team is doing. 

If fans want to get a much more in depth look at the team’s work outside of the hockey rink, they can visit the team’s website and find the community relations page. The team stresses the importance of supporting the community in Long Island/Metro NY, enhancing the quality of life in that area overall. An example of this is the Cityparks Street Hockey Community Foundation, where players from the Islanders bring the sport of hockey to local community centers in Brooklyn, Queens, and the Long Island area. Through the organization of the Islanders, children are able to meet up together and learn the sport of hockey. This is just one of the ways in which the team makes a difference in their community, which leads to the team becoming much more popular. 

Also located on the website are various possible resources that a fan might need when trying to keep up with the Islanders. For example, the team has the schedule, stats for each game, news on the players, and many other necessities for fans. Overall, the Islanders do an excellent job at keeping their fans updated on everything Islanders. 

If you want to come together with other Islanders fans to watch their games no matter where you live, please check out FanWide. Additionally, if you wish to create your own Islanders fan club, feel free to contact FanWide.