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Going International: 2018 FIFA World Cup

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is still over 7 months away, but the buzz surrounding the event is already taking over the sport news scene. It is well-known now that the US Men’s National Team failed to qualify for the World Cup. However, not everyone is a loser because of the USMNT loss. There are 32 other teams that DID make it to the World Cup that have fans scattered all over the globe.

On December 1st, one month from now, the final draw for the group stage pairings will be televised from Russia. A list of teams seeded in the top 8 is as follows: Russia, Germany, Brazil, Portugal, Argentina, Belgium, Poland, and France. Mexico is not in the top 8, but is in the top 20. The official pairings of teams is anxiously awaited by fans worldwide.

Favorites to win are the usual teams: Germany, Brazil, and Argentina are towards the top of the list with teams like Spain and Portugal up there as well depending on the list. Americans have no home team to root for anymore, but that won’t stop millions from watching the World Cup next summer. With a total prize fund of $400 million, the stakes have never been higher, and there is no doubt the tournament will still be an exciting one for those whose team didn’t make the cut.

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