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FanWide Promotes 1 Million Fan Club Events!

Three years ago, FanWide was born to unite fans and fan clubs across the nation and form unique, sports-focused digital communities. We went from only promoting events for only the largest US sports leagues to now 23 different sports and esports leagues around the world. Today, we have united millions of fan club members from 12,500 fan club chapters at over 10,000 sports bars, and now promoted over 1 million events. We wanted to showcase some of the top states, cities, sports, and teams who have hosted the most events from our first million. 


Top States 

States Ranked by Number of Events Held* 

 *DC is included in our data as its own entity 
  1. California – 203,586 Events 
  2. Illinois – 192,757 Events
  3. New York – 143,114 Events
  4. Florida – 73,375 Events 
  5. Texas – 68,023 Events 

With so many professional sports teams within its borders, it’s no surprise that California sits at the top of our Top States list. Almost surprisingly, Illinois follows closely behind thanks to the dedicated fans of Chicago sports. In third is New York, due to the combined efforts of over 10 major professional sports franchises including the Yankees and the Knicks. 

Top Cities  

  1. Chicago, IL – 121,559 Events 
  2. New York (Manhattan), NY – 90,766 Events 
  3. San Francisco, CA – 46,685 Events 
  4. Los Angeles, CA – 31,700 Events 
  5. Brooklyn, NY – 21,028 Events 
  6. Portland, OR – 20,363 Events 
  7. Seattle, WA – 18,262 Events  
  8. Houston, TX – 16,726 Events 
  9. Las Vegas, NV – 15,601 Events 
  10. Milwaukee, WI – 14,667 Events 

As mentioned earlier, the fans of Chicago prove that sports matter in the Windy City. Teams like the Cubs and the Bulls bring in many avid fans who watch their team both at home and on the road. Since Chicago often acts as a hub for the Midwest, there are many immigrants living there, along with millions of annual travelers.  New York City (Manhattan) follows next, and San Francisco rounds out the top 3.  Even when combining the adjacent New York boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn, they have not had as many events as Chicago. 

Top Sports 








Baseball – 507,768 Events 

Football – 215,022 Events 

Basketball – 161,459 Events 

Hockey – 99,377 Events 

Soccer – 55,308 Events 


Top Teams by League 

NFL – Green Bay Packers: 43,551 Events 

NBA – Chicago Bulls: 34,219 Events 

MLB – Los Angeles Dodgers: 121,432 Events 

NHL – Chicago Blackhawks: 63,648 Events 

NCAAM – Kansas Jayhawks: 7,352 Events 

NCAAF – Ohio State Buckeyes: 3,580 Events 

Each league may have its own national championship, but here are the leading teams in each major sport. We especially want to recognize the Los Angeles Dodgers, who lead all teams in all sports with a whopping 132,332 events over the past three years. As more and more teams are added, we are excited to explore new leagues and new sports to our platform to engage more fans across the globe. Thank you for one million events and here’s to many millions more!