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Top European Soccer Teams: #10 Borussia Dortmund

For years, FanWide has collected proprietary data surrounding fan clubs and fan engagement in each of the major sports. FanWide’s fan club network has given us unique access to metrics that measure more than just a team’s success in competition. We can now measure the strength of sports communities. Using its proprietary data, FanWide has announced its rankings for the top ten teams in various sports.

These rankings account for and weigh fan engagement, popularity, historical success, and current relevance. The result? Unique lists, based on facts and statistics, that nobody else has ever been able to cultivate. FanWide is taking its fan club network and using it alongside its deep investment in sports culture in order to bring forth an accurate representation of the sports landscape today. In our analysis of European football, Borussia Dortmund ranked 10th among international football clubs. For more about how the European soccer rankings were created, check out this blog.

FanWide’s #10 Team: Borussia Dortmund

In recent years, Borussia Dortmund has rapidly gained popularity in America. While the German club has been prominent for years in their home country, word of their success has traveled to the United States in part because of star Dortmund midfielder/winger Christian Pulisic. The 20-year-old American has established himself as a key component of Team USA. With all of his success back home, Pulisic has brought along a new wave of American Borussia Dortmund fans.

Time will tell if these fans will remain loyal once Pulisic departs for Chelsea next season, but Dortmund has made an effort to retain the fanbase. Dortmund traveled to America multiple times in the summer of 2018, making stops in Los Angeles to play Los Angeles F.C, Charlotte to play Liverpool, Chicago, and Pittsburgh, near Pulisic’s hometown of Hershey, Pennsylvania. All of Dortmund’s recent publicity is adding up as they become one of the elite European football clubs. Read below to find out what makes Borussia Dortmund a top ten European soccer team.

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The European soccer scene is unique in that it consists of 5 different comparable leagues. Unlike sports like football and basketball in the USA, which have teams that have competed against each other for years, some European soccer teams might face each other once every five to ten years. Naturally, ranking these teams is a challenge. FanWide’s goal in ranking the top ten European soccer teams was to use metrics that acknowledge the fact that not all teams get a chance to play each other.

By using metrics like FanWide’s fan data, the focus in our rankings was split between on and off-field success. As a result, our top ten ranking consists of the most prominent, internationally significant European soccer clubs, accounting for but not solely relying on titles and wins. In the coming weeks, FanWide will be rolling out the top ten, building up to the reveal of the #1 soccer club in Europe.

European Soccer Top 10

  1. Borussia Dortmund

Borussia Dortmund Ranked:

Category Count Soccer Rank
Fan Clubs (FanWide) 11 9
Champions League Wins (all time) 1 8 (tie)
UEFA Player of the Year Top Ten Finalists (since 2014) 0 10 (tie)
Attendance (Average 2018) 80,693 1
Forbes Value (in billions) 0.901 12
Total Social Media Followers 21.876 13
Domestic League Titles (all time) 8 10
Domestic League Titles (since 2009) 2 9

Fan Clubs (according to FanWide): 11 (9th)

Borussia Dortmund currently has 11 listed fan clubs in FanWide’s fan club network. The relatively modest number has grown in recent months and new fan clubs are continuing to emerge as their fan base expands. If you are a Borussia Dortmund fan who wants to set up a local fan club in your city, let us know!

All-Time Champions League Wins: 1 (8th-tie)

Dortmund’s magical 1997 run resulted in a coveted Champions League title. Unfortunately, the club has not been able to achieve this since. Their lacking performance in the Champions League might end soon. With a young core of players and increasing international attention, Dortmund could be making a splash on the international stage in the upcoming seasons.

UEFA Player of the Year Top Ten Finalists (since 2014): 0 (10th-tie)

Dortmund has not produced a top ten player in the past five years, but only 9 teams being ranked have. Dortmund may not have a star of that caliber, but young players like Christian Pulisic and Jadon Sancho have brought in more than their share of fans and attention. Dortmund’s international presence is being felt more and more as they develop young players that they hope will one day sneak their way into UEFA’s list of Player of the Year finalists.

Attendance (Average 2018): 80,693 (1st)

Borussia Dortmund sees the highest number of home game attendees out of any soccer club in the world. Their most impressive statistic is due, in part, to affordable ticket prices. Dortmund’s highest season ticket offering for 2018-19 was just 908 Euros (approximately 1,000 US Dollars). For reference, the average ticket price to see the Chicago Bears play the Green Bay Packers in week 12 of the 2018 NFL season was $893. Ticket affordability and fan devotion have allowed Dortmund to maintain record high attendance numbers for years. Their 80,000 fans per game are one of their best attributes, a testament to the loyalty of their fans and a key contributor to their top ten finish.

Team Value: .901 B (12th)

According to Forbes, Borussia Dortmund is worth 901 million USD. Dortmund’s value is increasing by the year as their success abroad grows. The valuation considers match day revenue, broadcasting deals, merchandise sales, and outstanding debts.

Aggregate Social Media Followers: 21.876 million (13th)

FanWide accounted for Instagram followers,  Twitter followers, and Facebook likes in this ranking. With almost 22 million fans on social media, Dortmund has a substantial social following. Their aggregate social media following is a testament to their prominence in German football and rising relevance in international competition.

Domestic League Titles (Averaging All Time + Recent Win Rankings): 9th

Borussia Dortmund has won 2 Bundesliga titles in the past ten years and 8 in their club’s history. Dortmund has an uphill battle when competing for Bundesliga championships because to win in Germany, you have to go through perennial powerhouse Bayern Munich. Bayern Munich has a tradition of success that makes it difficult for teams like Dortmund to break through. Still, with a fourth of their titles coming in the past ten years, Dortmund is clearly making progress in German league competition. Their rising success at home is helping them along in their quest towards becoming a top tier European team.

Dortmund currently sits at #10 in FanWide’s European soccer club rankings. No matter where you live or travel, you can find Borussia Dortmund fan clubs near you through FanWide, the world’s largest fan club network.

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