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Top NFL Teams: #2 Dallas Cowboys

Coming in at number 2 in FanWide’s Top 10 NFL Team rankings is America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys. Currently, the Cowboys have one of the youngest and most explosive offenses in the entire National Football League. Their young nucleus consists of quarterback Dak Prescott, running back Ezekiel Elliott, and wide receiver Amari Cooper. On the defensive side of the field, The ‘Boyz are loaded with playmakers such as defensive lineman Demarcus Lawrence, linebacker Jaylon Smith, and safety Byron Jones. With this talented core, the Cowboys were able to win the NFC East and advance to the NFC divisional round in 2018. While the Cowboys have been successful as of late, their historical success truly separates them from every other NFL team. The Cowboys have won a whopping 35 playoff games and 5 Super Bowls. America’s team is home to countless NFL greats such as Emmitt Smith, Roger Staubach, Troy Aikman, and Tony Dorsett. Playing for America’s team comes with a lot of pressure and responsibility. This young and talented Cowboy roster is more than capable to handle these enormous expectations.

Dallas Cowboy fans celebrating / Photo Courtesy of the SCDCFC Interview on FanWide

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Here is the list of teams that already have been announced:

10. Seattle Seahawks

9. Denver Broncos 

8. Chicago Bears

7. San Francisco 49ers

6. New York Giants

5. Philadelphia Eagles

4. Pittsburgh Steelers

3.  New England Patriots

2. Dallas Cowboys


The Cowboys graded out as follows:

Category Count NFL Rank
FanWide Fan Clubs 144 12
Total Social Media Followers (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter in millions) 14.7 2
Forbes Value (in billion) 5 1
Nationally televised games (2018) 11 1
Playoff Wins (past 10 years) 3 14
Playoff Wins (all time) 35 3
Super Bowl Wins (past 10 years) 0 9
Super Bowl Wins (all time) 5 3
All-Stars (past 10 years) 26 1
Hall of Famers 25 9
Average Attendance (2018) 91,619 1
Average Attendance Percentage (2018) 91.6 27

Number of Fan Clubs: 42 (22nd)

The Dallas Cowboys have a total of 144 Fan Clubs listed across the FanWide network. If you are interested in starting your own Cowboys fan club, let us know!

Total Social Media Followers (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter in millions): 14.7 million (2nd)

The Cowboys have done a terrific job of maintaining a close relationship with their fans across numerous different social media platforms. For instance, the Cowboys have 8 million Facebook followers, 2.9 million Instagram followers, and 3.78 Twitter followers. The Cowboys have the 2nd most followers out of all 32 NFL teams which shows how popular they are across the nation.

Forbes Value (in billion): 5 (1st)

With Jerry Jones at the helm, the Cowboys have continued to be creative and successful in identifying how and where they can maximise their profits. For instance, in 2009 the Cowboys decided to build AT&T Stadium. Not only did AT&T Stadium rank in the top five of the best NFL stadiums in the US on a recent Tiebreaker article but the stadium is also multi-purposeful. Events ranging from the KAABOO Texas Music Festival to the Mexico vs Ecuador International Friendly allow Jerry Jones to generate revenue throughout the offseason. For these reasons and many more, Forbes ranked the Dallas Cowboys has the most valuable franchise in the NFL.

Nationally televised games (2018): 11 (1st)

Because the Dallas Cowboys have such a large fan base across the world, the NFL prioritizes making the Cowboys’ games nationally televised. A whopping 11 of 16 regular season games were nationally televised during the 2018 NFL season. The Cowboys had 2 more nationally televised games than the team that placed second which was the Philadelphia Eagles.

Playoff Wins (past 10 years): 3 (14th)

The Cowboys have won a total of three playoff games over the past 10 years. While at first glance this might not seem like an overly impressive number, when considering that the Cowboys play in one of the traditionally toughest divisions and have a very young core, this becomes a lot more remarkable. The Cowboys have a great chance this upcoming season to add on to their total playoff wins.

Playoff Wins (all time): 35 (3rd)

The Cowboys are America’s team for a reason. Over the modern era, the Cowboys have been a force to reckon with. With numerous NFL greats and legends, the Cowboys have dominated their opponents with ease. This includes having a whopping 35 playoff victories.

Super Bowl Wins (past 10 years): 0 (9th)(tied)

The Cowboys have not been able to rise the Lombardi Trophy over the past 10 years. Due to playing tough divisional foes and a little bit of unluck, the Cowboys have not had been able to make deep playoff runs recently. On the bright side, with a young team on the rise, the future looks a lot brighter than the past.

Super Bowl Wins (all time): 5 (3rd)

The Cowboys have won five Super Bowls over the past 52 years. A hallmark of any great franchise is the amount of Super Bowls the team has won. This high number shows that the Cowboys are one of the premier teams in the league.

All-Stars (past 10 years): 26 (1st)

Over the past 10 years, the Cowboys have had an astonishing 26 players selected to either the Pro Bowl or the All-Pro team. Considering the Cowboys are one of the younger teams in the league, this 1st overall ranking is extremely impressive. Recently, the Cowboys have had Pro Bowl appearances from Ezekiel Elliott, Dak Prescott, and Demarcus Lawrence.

Hall of Famers: 25 (9th)

Another category, another top 10 appearance. The ‘Boys have had a total of 26 players selected into the Hall of Fame. These players have dominated their respective positions during their long pro careers and are mainly responsible for the Cowboys five Super Bowl victories. Whether it is NFL star quarterbacks such as Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman or superstar playmakers such as Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith or even defensive monsters such as Deion Sanders and Randy White, the Cowboys have had a talented group of Hall of Famers over the modern era.

Average attendance: 91,619 (1st)

AT&T Stadium is one of the largest NFL stadiums in the country. For this reason, it is to no surprise that the Cowboys have the highest average attendance across all 32 teams. The Cowboys have a loyal and dedicated fan base that can be seen at all of their homes games.

Average attendance percentage (2018): 91.6% (27th)

Because the Cowboys stadium is so large, they have a difficult time having their average attendance percentage reach 100%. This low percentage does not accurately portray the Cowboys’ dedicated fan base and their commitment to the team.

The Cowboys currently sit at #2 in FanWide’s NFL rankings. No matter where you live or travel, you can find Cowboys fan clubs and watch parties near you through FanWide, the world’s largest fan club network.