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Top 10 Baseball Teams: #6 San Francisco Giants

FanWide’s #6 team on the Top 10 Baseball Teams list is the San Francisco Giants. The Giants’ most notable recent achievement is their incredible “even year” run: the Giants won the World Series in 2010, 2012, and 2014. Their widespread popularity, however, extends beyond the team’s on-field success. With the recent growth of Silicon Valley and the tech industry, more and more people have migrated to the Bay Area, increasing the number of prospective Giants fans. Oracle Park (formerly AT&T Park), widely considered one of the best ballparks in the MLB, occupies a prime spot in downtown San Francisco on the water, making it a popular destination. The team also benefits from the presence of charismatic superstars like lefty ace Madison Bumgarner and former MVP catcher Buster Posey. A combination of all these factors and more earned the Giants the sixth spot among FanWide’s Top 10 Baseball Teams.

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Teams were evaluated in 9 different categories (visit this blog post to see the methodology). The Giants graded out as follows:

Category Count MLB Rank
Fan Clubs (FanWide) 173 4
World Series Wins since 1903 8 5
Playoff Series Wins since 2000 13 4
Wins (last 5 years) 396 17
All Stars (Last 5 years) 14 10
National Games Televised (This Year) 9 10
Attendance (Average Last 3 Years) 41303.06 3
Forbes Value (in billions) 2.85 4
Total Social Media Followers (Millions) 5.87 5


Top 10 so far:

10. Cleveland Indians

9. Toronto Blue Jays

8. New York Mets

7. Houston Astros

6. San Francisco Giants

Fan Clubs: 173 (4th)

The Giants have 173 fan clubs listed with FanWide, the world’s top fan club network. If you want to start your own Giants fan club in your city, please contact FanWide today.

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