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Indiana Pacers NBA Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for IND

The Indiana Pacers have a strong social media presence, considering Indianapolis is a smaller media market (28th) relative to cities such as Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago (according to Nielsen). The Pacers have about 1.21 million Twitter followers, which ranks at about the average among NBA teams. The Indiana Pacers Instagram, with 1.5 million followers, is also right at the average of NBA teams and its Facebook page, with 3.2 million followers, is in the top half of the league. The sum of followers across the three social media outlets of the Pacers totals approximately 5.91 million. These accounts provide Pacers fans with excellent and vital basketball information as well as fan-based content. 

Outside of the social media, the Pacers offer a variety of impressive resources that promote the overall fan experience. The Junior Pacers Hoops Tour facilitates free basketball clinics for energetic and young Pacers fans (ages 6-14) that live throughout Central Indiana in the summer. It is first come, first serve, but those who are lucky enough to gain a spot will learn from the legend Darnell Hillman, also known as Dr. Dunk. Another unique opportunity for emerging Pacers fans is to join the Pacers Kids Club. Through this resource, young fans receive discounts, invitations to exclusive events, and more.

Regarding the Pacers community programs, the Pacers Foundation has successfully partnered with numerous local Indiana organizations to help provide more opportunity for at-risk youth. They have shown a strong commitment to helping these children holistically in order to help them overcome obstacles that they may have previously struggled with. Finally, one of the most distinctive aspects of the Pacers fan resources is the Fan Van. Pacers fans can celebrate their Indiana pride by requesting a free van. Although Boomer, the Indiana Pacers mascot, is not included, The Fan Van is still one of the special and interactive  official ways that fans can connect with Pacers nation. 

There are also numerous unofficial Pacers fan clubs and websites that facilitate the Indy Pacers fan experience world-wide. 8 Points, 9 Seconds, a reference to Reggie Miller’s historical phenomenon when Miller scored eight points in nine seconds to miraculously comeback against the Knicks with 18.7 seconds remaining, is the Fansided website that features Pacers news, rumors, and analysis. IndyCornrows similarly provides Pacers fans with a fan perspective of news and analysis.

Regarding media outlets, there are several accounts across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter that allow fans to connect to Pacers nation wherever they live. On Instagram, @pacers_cult provides Pacers fans with updates, rumors, and free agency scenarios. The True Indiana Pacers Fans, a group of over 5,800 on Facebook, helps bring Pacers fans closer together regardless of location. On Twitter, @PacersNationCP, part of, works to bring breaking Indiana Pacers news and information to Pacers fans as fast as possible.

Apart from Social Media, FanWide, the world’s top fan club network, is also host to a few Pacers fan clubs, with 4 currently listed as well as numerous watch parties. Please contact FanWide if you are interested in creating your own Pacers fan club, or registering your Pacers fan club with our database. No matter where you live and work, FanWide keeps Pacers fans connected to their team.