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Utah Jazz NBA Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for UTA

As Donovan Mitchell, Rudy Gobert, and Mike Conley lead the Utah basketball squad into an exciting period of winning basketball, Utah fans and NBA fans everywhere have begun to #TakeNote. The Jazz are serious contenders in the NBA, and they also have developed a highly competitive social media presence as well. Considering Utah is 30th in media market size in the United States (according to Nielsen), the Jazz have created highly pages on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The Jazz Twitter Page, with 937 thousand followers, posts engaging content for Jazz fan in Salt Lake City and around the world. The Sactown Kings Instagram page, with 858 thousand allows Jazz fans to follow Spida Mitchell and the rest of the Jazz players throughout the year. The #UtahJazz Facebook page, with more than 1.8 million likes, is another excellent resource for Jazz fans everywhere. The sum total of followers across the three social media outlets of the Jazz totals approximately 3.595 million. All three social media accounts of the Jazz allow Utah fans to #TakeNote regardless of where they live. 

The Jazz also provide many official methods that allow fans to connect with the team. Young Jazz fans have many opportunities provided by the Utah Jazz franchise. Junior Jazz allows emerging Jazz fans to work on the fundamentals of basketball as well as sportsmanship. The Jazz Kids Club also provides kids with a team picture, birthday cards, and special access to events. For Jazz fans of all ages, there are Utah Jazz Video Games in the App Store and Google Play. Both Splash Uncles and Super Rudy Block are amazing interactive ways that Jazz fans can keep up with the competitive spirit in the offseason. One of the most unique ways that Jazz fans can stay in the know with the team is by being a Jazz Insider. The free membership allows Jazz fans to receive important Insider emails with offers, highlights, interviews, and more. The Utah Jazz provide excellent resources for Jazz fans to connect with the team for all ages. 

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