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Introducing the Top Ten NBA Teams

On an international stage, the United States of America dominates in basketball. With five gold, three silver, and four bronze medals, with a 123-27 overall record, it is without a doubt that the best players across the world rush to play in America. Almost every park, neighborhood, and school has a basketball court. It can be deemed as an essential piece to building a community. With the strong presence of basketball in the USA, it is no surprise that the NBA is one of the most competitive and watched sports leagues in the world. Although the current NBA was formed in 1976, with the merge of the ABA and NBA, fan support for the thirty teams does not lack in power.

FanWide’s rankings are not based solely on success on the court nor success off the court. Rather, the rankings consider both in order to get the most wholesome analysis of each team. This balance in the rankings creates a broader field of data that allows for a ranking that is original and meaningful as it also uses proprietary data from FanWide fan clubs which is not available elsewhere. Read below to see the factors that were used to rank NBA teams based on data that was not limited to on-court success.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for TB

Although it has been a long time since the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Super Bowl in 2003, the organization still has a lot of potential to tear up the league in future years. Initially, the Bucs were off to a hot start with #1 QB Ryan Fitzpatrick and #1 WR Desean Jackson. This ultimately boosted fan excitement, yet it all went downhill from there.

Despite the rough that they had this year, a lot of big names and stars stack the Buccaneers roster such as Jameis Winston, Mike Evans, DeSean Jackson, OJ Howard, Gerald McCoy, and Jason Pierre-Paul. Along with this roster, the fans of the organization have always wanted the best for their team and have been riding with the Bucs even through the rough times. Bucs fan can often find a local game watch party in their city using FanWide.

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Top NFL Fan Club: SCDCFC

As FanWide’s search for the Top Football Fan Club continues, many strong candidates from the Cowboys have come to our attention and show strong signs of taking home the crown. One of these is the Southern California Dallas Cowboys Fan Club (SCDCFC) led by Robert Morales. SCDCFC hosts game watch parties all across Southern California and is so large that they even sell merchandise for their club. With such a large group of fans, they have even been recognized by Cowboys Experience as their #1 fan club.

Photo Courtesy of SCDCFC

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Carolina Panthers NFL Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for CAR

It is undeniable that the Carolina Panthers have made a name for themselves in the NFL these past few years. As a relatively new franchise, already with a Super Bowl appearance in 2016 and many other strong seasons, it does not seem like the team will slow down anytime soon. Star quarterback Cam Newton has been leading the charge and exciting Panthers fans all across the nation. Despite the amazing play that occurs on the field, one of the roots to the team’s success lies off the field and in the stands or clubs all across the country: the fans.

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Indianapolis Colts NFL Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for IND

It has truly been fun watching the Indianapolis Colts pull themselves together right before the playoffs, securing them a spot in the 2019 playoffs. Additionally, Andrew Luck has and will continue to prove to the league why he was the number one pick back in 2012. Even though the Colts are rising in power, their fans have been with them through all the peaks and valleys. Sports Illustrated even predicted them to knock out the Texans in the first round of the playoffs this year. There is a lot of anticipation towards how the Colts will do this postseason, but there is without a doubt that their fans will continue to be rowdy and supportive.

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Baltimore Ravens NFL Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for BAL

As the second newest NFL organization, behind the Texans, the Baltimore Ravens have consistently been one of the top teams across the league. Since their opening season in 1996, the Ravens have already won two Super Bowl titles in 2001 and 2013. Additionally, they do not fail to produce Hall of Fame players and stun the league with their ever-so threatening defense. This year, the Ravens are stacked with talent in the quarterback position with Super Bowl champion Joe Flacco, newly drafted Lamar Jackson, and Robert Griffin III. It is very clear as to why the Ravens have a good chance at making a strong push to make the playoffs this year.

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Buffalo Bills NFL Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for BUF

Although they have been one of the less successful teams in recent years in the NFL in recent years, the Buffalo Bills have always had their presence felt throughout the league. Despite rough patches and their former cornerback, Vontae Davis, who retired during halftime, the Bills have shown relentless amounts of passion the way they play the game. Additionally, they better represent the state of New York as they are actually located in New York, unlike some other teams. With the spirit of New York behind them, it is clear as to why the Buffalo Bills never fail to excite and play their hearts out. It is a gift back to their ever so supportive fans.

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Washington Redskins NFL Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for WSH

Under the lead of quarterback elite Alex Smith, cornerback Josh Norman, and future Hall of Fame running back Adrian Peterson, things seem to be shaping up well for the Washington Redskins. Currently ranked first in the NFC East, there is without a doubt that the Redskins have what it takes to make a strong push in the playoffs and possibly add another Super Bowl title to their previous three. Despite their rocky stretch of seasons, Redskins fans have been nothing but fully dedicated to being invested in their own. Yet, although this seems to have a negative effect as Redskins fans are notorious for booing their home team, it demonstrates the passion that they hold and the intense emotions they feel when they want their team to do even better.

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Detroit Lions NFL Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for DET

The Detroit Lions are a hidden gem in the NFL. Although among the four teams who have yet to make a Super Bowl appearance, the Lions never fail to play their hearts out and excite the fans not only in Ford Field, but also those who are watching around the world. One thing is for sure, there is never a lack of talent on the field.

Previous greats such as Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson Jr., along with current stars Matthew Stafford and Kerryon Johnson are a testament to how steeply talented the Lions organization has been, is now, and hopefully will continue be. With their new coveted head coach Matt Patricia, from the Patriots, there is no doubt that the Lions will make a statement year soon and prove to the league that they have been underrated throughout all these years.

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Philadelphia Eagles NFL Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for PHI

Philadelphia Eagles fans are by far the scrappiest and may be the most spirited fans in the NFL. They never fail to make the opposing team feel uncomfortable. Through the success of the Eagles in the 2018 playoffs, fans all around the league began to notice the passion that their fans had. Notoriously known for mocking the Vikings “skol” chant and defying the Philadelphia police’s use of hydraulic fluid to prevent fans from climbing light poles, there seems to be no limit to what Eagles fans are willing to do to support their team. Some instances, the fans have ridden their spirit to such extremes that it seems that they may be a key factor in the success of the organization.

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