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Top NBA Fan Clubs: Charlotte Hornets

Playing in Charlotte represents a lot. The Charlotte Hornets play for the Carolinas (North Carolina and South Carolina), but also for the greatest basketball figure of all time: Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan, a six time NBA champion and a 5 time NBA MVP, is the owner and chairman of the Hornets. The Hornets (previously the New Orleans Pelicans) play for “Buzz City”. All Hornets fans exert the strength and passion inherent in the “Buzz City” motto. To stay connected to the Hornets organization, there are several fan clubs and fan club pages on social media. The most notable unofficial Charlotte Hornets fan club with the most followers on Instagram is @charlottehornetsonly.


The Charlotte Hornets have several resources that allow their fans to stay involved. Any thing from news, content, and players’ personal information is all included on the Charlotte Hornets official team website. The Hornets facilitate many different groups as well. Some include the  Jr. Hornets and swarm to serve , a foundation ran through the Charlotte Hornets that donates towards educational causes to make an impact in the greater Charlotte community. 



Shown below is a picture of members from the Air Force receiving goods from the Charlotte Hornets that include medicine and toiletries. Photo courtesy of Air Force Medical Service

To stay connected as a Hornets fan in a remote city, you can follow all official Hornets social media accounts., You can also  start a Charlotte Hornets watch party or find a Hornets fan club near you through FanWide, the world’s top fan club network. The Hornets have 1 million followers on Instagram, 941 thousand twitter followers, and over one million Facebook likes.

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Top NBA Fan Clubs: Denver Nuggets

Given the rich history of basketball, from the ABA to the NBA, and the role of superstars, such as Dikembe Mutombo and Carmelo Anthony, in the Mile High City, it should come as no surprise that the Nuggets have a large and widespread fanbase. To stay connected, displaced Nuggets fans have formed numerous fan clubs and other fan communities, both online and offline. Online Nuggets fan communities include Denver Stiffs, the team SBNation blog, and Nugg Love, the team Fansided blog. The best way to find actual watch parties is through FanWide, the world’s top fan club network. FanWide’s Nuggets fan club database is an excellent place to find Nuggets watch parties near you. Please contact FanWide if you are interested in creating your own Nuggets fan club, or registering your Nuggets fan club with our database.

In addition to these unofficial fan organization, the team’s official website is full of news, highlights, team and event information, and other resources for Nuggets fans. The website includes an official Fan Zone, which includes giveaways, infographics, photos, and other fan content. The team provides numerous opportunities for young Nuggets fans to connect with their team, such as camps and the team Kids Club, which giveaways, discounts, and exclusive opportunities. The team’s Gold 365 Club is the premier Nuggets fan experience, providing access to deals, tickets, and events. No matter who you are or how you support the Nuggets, the official team website has something for you. 

The team also maintains an active social media presence. Official Nuggets accounts across the three major platforms provide news, highlights, and other content for fans everywhere. Currently, the Nuggets have over 2 million Facebook likes, over 900,000 Twitter followers, and over 1 million Instagram followers. All official team accounts use the hashtag #MileHighBasketball. Even if you don’t live in the Mile Hile City, you will always have opportunities to stay close to your Denver Nuggets. 

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Top NBA Fan Clubs: Philadephia 76ers

All across the NBA, 76ers fans are known for their passion and devotion to their team. This ravenous energy extends far beyond the City of Brotherly Love. 76ers fans and fan clubs are spread all across the nation and they always bring energy and intensity in support of their team. To connect with their fan network, the 76ers offer numerous opportunities and resources for fans young and old alike, all of which can be found on the team’s official website. Club 76 offers several benefits for fans, including premier season ticket access, free giveaways, and access to exclusive events. The Kids Club helps younger fans connect with their team by providing numerous perks, including exclusive 76ers gear. The team also hosts several camps, which give kids the opportunity to improve their skills and interact with players. Few NBA organizations can match the level of fan engagement put forth by the 76ers organization.

Philly fans are known nationwide for their intense passion. Photo courtesy of Matthew Johnson,

In addition to organized fan clubs, there are several unofficial 76ers fan communities. These can take the form of in-person watch parties or online fan communities. Two prominent online Sixers fan communities are The Sixer Sense, the team Fansided blog, and Liberty Ballers, the Sixers’ SBNation blog. Each of these online communities can provide 76ers fans with news, analysis, and the opportunity to interact with other Sixers fans, regardless of physical location. Of course, there are also several physical fan clubs and 76ers watch parties. To find a 76ers watch party near you, there is no better place to look than FanWide, the world’s top fan club network. Please contact FanWide if you are interested in creating your own 76ers fan club, or registering your Sixers fan club with our database. 

To connect with their vast network of fans, the 76ers maintain an active social media presence. Team accounts across the three major platforms are excellent sources of news, highlights, and other Sixers content for fans worldwide. Currently, the team has over 1.7 million Facebook likes, 1.7 million Twitter followers, and 2 million Instagram followers. These accounts use the official team hashtag #HereTheyCome. No matter where you are located, you always have opportunities to connect with other 76ers fans, be it online or in person. 


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Top NBA Fan Clubs: Milwaukee Bucks

Despite their small market size, the Milwaukee Bucks have a strong national, and international, fan network, with fan clubs spread across the nation. To maintain a close connection with their vast network of fans, the Bucks have a strong social media presence. The team has official accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, currently with over 1.8 million Facebook likes, 1 million Twitter followers, and 2 million Instagram followers. Each of these accounts serves as an excellent source of news, highlights, and other Bucks content for fans worldwide. The official team hashtag, and a common mantra among Bucks supporters, is #fearthedeer. 

Community outreach is central to the mission of the Bucks. Photo courtesy of milwaukeeva.

The Bucks’ team website contains a Fan Zone with numerous fan resources. It includes competitions, giveaways, and photo galleries. It also contains an official team watch party directory, the Bucks Bar Network. Bango’s Kids Club contains numerous benefits for younger Bucks fans. The general team website provides fans with other resources and information. 

In addition to official fan clubs, there are numerous unofficial Bucks fan clubs and communities, both nationwide and online. Two prominent online Bucks communities are Brew Hoop, the team link blog, and Behind the Buck Pass, the team Fansided blog. Each of these websites is full of news, analysis, and other Bucks content. FanWide, the world’s top fan club network, has its own list of Bucks watch parties. Please contact FanWide if you are interested in creating your own Bucks fan club, or registering your Bucks fan club with our database. No matter where you live and work, both the team and groups like FanWide keep Bucks fans connected to their team. 

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Portland Trail Blazers

The Portland Trail Blazers have a thriving social media portfolio, considering Portland is the 21st in media market size among NBA teams. (according to Nielsen). The Blazers Facebook page, with almost 2.5 million likes, ranks 18th in the league. The Blazers also have about 1.23 million Twitter followers, which ranks 17th among NBA teams and 1.5 million Instagram followers, above the average among NBA teams. Combining the three major media outlets of the #Blazers, there are approximately 5.23 million followers. The Blazers social media accounts provide Trail Blazers fans all around #RipCity and the world with access to essential basketball information and fan-based content. 

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Top NBA Fan Clubs: Brooklyn Nets

With their location in New York, America’s most populous city, the Nets have built up a sizeable network of fans both in and out of the Big Apple. To keep in touch with this fan network, the Nets maintain an active social media presence. Currently, the Nets have over 2.7 million Facebook likes, over 1 million Twitter followers, and over 1.4 million Instagram followers. The Nets use the official hashtag #WeGoHard on all of their social media accounts. The official Brooklyn Nets social media accounts all represent excellent sources of Nets news and highlights for Nets fans everywhere. 

Nets fans share great optimism about the direction of the franchise. Photo courtesy of

Nets official fan outreach extends far beyond their social media presence. The Nets team website is full of content of all types for Nets fans. The team website contains all the team information a fan could possibly need. It also includes additional resources for fans, such as information about camps for young Nets fans, different fan experiences, and the team fan mobile app. The team is involved in community service as well, with Brooklyn Nets Assist the team’s main outreach program. The Nets’ numerous official team resources can meet the needs of almost all Nets fans.

Of course, given their sizeable fanbase, several unofficial Nets fan clubs and organizations have been formed. Some prominent online Nets communities include NetsDaily, the team SBNation blog, Nothin’ But Nets, the team Fansided blog, and For physical watch parties, there is no better source than FanWide, the world’s top fan club network. FanWide has its own directory of Brooklyn Nets fan clubs, the best place to find a watch party near you. Please contact FanWide if you are interested in creating your own Nets fan club, or registering your Nets fan club with our database. No matter where you are located, you will always have opportunities to stay close to your Brooklyn Nets. 


Why You Aren’t Watching Tennis and Why You Should with a Fan Club

Is tennis among the sports you watch?
Is tennis among the sports you watch?

Photo by Gonzolo Facello / CC0 1.0

Watching tennis should be a must for any sports fan who relishes intense competition, extreme athleticism, and blazing mental agility. Still, tennis viewership numbers in the US lag far behind other popular sports. FanWide is trying to help the sport increase its populary through organizing watch parties nationwide.  Check to see if there is a tennis watch party near you!

Let’s examine a few common objections sports fans have about following tennis. We’ll pick each one apart, offering reasons why tennis is a great sport to watch and play while debunking a few myths along the way.

Buckle up!

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What is the Best Soccer Stadium for Fans in Europe?

Europe is home to some spectacular football stadiums, from the largest of their kind to those with incredible facilities and a great atmosphere from the working class stands in German stadiums, to having a classic pie at a British game while having someone shout out betting tips at halftime. But with so many to choose from, which one takes the crown for the best stadium in Europe for fans?

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Golf Fan Clubs and Watch Parties around the United States

When people think about sports, the first couple of adjectives that come to mind are rigorous and collaborative. What people usually do not mention is the effect of sports from the mental standpoint. Golf, a sport many look at as a relaxing hobby, is truly among the most mentally rigorous sports out there. It  can be very frustrating because there are no teammates, so the results are solely based off of one person’s skill. The player must battle between the individual and their alter-ego. Unlike most sports which are typically reliant on physical ability, according to Jack Nicklaus, one of the most famous golfers of all time, “golf is 80 percent mental, 10 percent ability, and 10 percent luck.” What separates the professionals is truly their mental game. Everyone has a bad hole, but the best professionals move on and stay positive. In golf, you must have a short-term memory. Perhaps the best mental-game golfer of all-time is Tiger Woods.

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Watch your backs, NFL Quarterbacks – The 2019 NCAA Football Class is Coming!

The new season doesn’t kick off for another few months when the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears open the 100th campaign in the sport’s history, so we will have to stick with the NFL preseason schedule for now.

There are undoubtedly ups, downs, twists and turns ahead but there are a fair few quarterbacks who should be looking over their shoulders because the college system is full of aspiring young talent chomping at the bit to make the step up when the 2020 draft comes around in April and a fair few of them have the ability to ruffle the feathers of the most experienced players. Here we take a look at five young guns to keep your eyes on.

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